Monday, December 13, 2010

Ding Dong

Back to December-Taylor Swift
Here's a brief post of what had crossed my mind a couple of minutes ago
  • Happy belated Bday , Dear Sexy Chiu Yee...
  • Happy current Bday, Dear Annick
  • Happy very very very Belated Bday, Jia Wen
  • Happy Unbirthday to me...XD
 Here's a few lessons to be learned during this 'short' holiday...*yawn*
  • Never ever be obsessed over Johnny Depp just because your violin teacher looks like Willy Wonka...
  • Never bring your mum to a Guess shop full of bags...
  • Never watch Narnia in 3D at the backseat of the cinema..
  • Never laugh at some scenes in Narnia that are not meant for laughing..
  • Never read Guiness Book Of Records for one whole day...(i'm stuck with people's names and numbers and figures!)
  • Never drool over last year ViVi fashion magazine...
  • Never fail to use conditioner on a broom-looking hair

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