Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleep in Wonderland

How dyou wear an ugly dress that are meant to be kept forever in a closet?
make it as a sleeping dress..
put a belt on it and brave yourself to walk out ..but it's nothing to be ashame of if you're walking out in KL..*yawn* very brored gonna open soon and i guess my frequent online will be off limits...gonna be Form five soon and then had to crack my head to think what career path am i going...this time, to please my parent's opinion..i just had to take up mass comunication instead of going off to the music industry..

I don't know how to live next year..not to mention about this important SPM thingy, i still had to balance up next year exams (music)..three exams in one to survive?Being 17 is like a huge step to step onto many of you had atcually step up and say, "boy..don't i sound like my grandmother?"

Gosh, i didn't know how long my hair had grown...can you imagine just last year, i  own a short hair that barely looks feminine anyway...right now, thinking of pixie cut just scares me off..i am never never never going to try that haircut at all..i don't have guts i don't have that face forget it..end of
Sweater: Mango
Ugly Rainbow Dress: Some shop at Time Square
Belt: unknown
who's that sick person?: ME!!!



  1. Such a nice rainbow dress Ann. That was the most colorful dress you've ever worn, and it's pretty pretty nic. Me love!

  2. ahh..not mine sister's...


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