Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Straits Quay

New Shopping mall!!! just that it's a european looking mall and all the cafe is facing the sea...
Straits Quay is situated at Penang, near Island Plaza and 2 km from Gurney...
Can't wait for the shops to fully open..right now..it's just a couple of shops available..
Every shops are push-in-doors..XD
my ideal shopping destination (in the near future)

I'm soooo late for christmas...=.=''
Mummy made that bag!!! XD and if you look closely..i hang my chicken pox toy there.
Can't open my eyes...glaring sun...*roar*

Yeah!Taller then Daddy!

Straits Quay..Straits Quay....
muah muah muah...

Dress: Forgot liao =.=''
Sweater: Mango a.k.a mng
Crochet bag: mummy made it ( :
flat shoe: Adidas@pavilion
Who's that clown?: ME!

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