Sunday, December 19, 2010

Orange Mango

Whip my hair-nikki ft ...(derno the singer name)
Went to Mango a.k.a MNG to get my first ORANGE dress..i used to hate orange...REALLy freakin hate orange..but then i didn't know orange dress could really look so nice after all..striking and bright like a traffic light...BOO YAH!

Yeap, so my mum atcually bought it for me...because i'm really too broke to even pay for a plastic bag...this dress is only for Chinese New i guess i won't be wearing it for a very very very long time...
and oh yeah, i bought five ribbons finally..i just love love love ribbons...

Dress: Mango
Ribbon: some kiosk at Genting
Shoe: Adidas
Sock: Good Arch
Who's that dummy?: Me!
Camera: Nikon projector camera



  1. I like MANGO this brank for lady .. sad MANGO no sell male shirt!!

  2. If MNG sell male shirt then very weird lol...=.='' derno how to accept it..guys should like Jefferson...or Topman..

  3. haha .. just kidding la .. i mean i like MNG design lady dress .. i like Forever21 de Lady T-shirt .. Of coz not for me XD .. for my gf or girl fren ..
    I not like Jefferson ..
    i Like Padini ..bASIC HOUSE ETC ETC ..

  4. god..i love forever 21 too..i go really really crazy de..
    you should try the brand sell female and male clothes
    even though it's local, but its branded larh..

  5. Kitschen ? i din't see before.. > < !!
    Got shop at PG ? or ?

  6. PG got..queensbay and Gurney..
    KL also got...
    Jb also got..
    in Malaysia also got..


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