Thursday, December 23, 2010

Basket Jeans

Elevator-David Archie
Mummy is obsessed with baskets...again..dang..each time she go Penang..she bought five baskets back...i'm soooooooo elated that i finally got myself a straw hat!!!! and it's eco-friendly too!! (note: i'm a tree-hugger) i waited a long long time surveying the perfect straw hat because you can't buy a lot of straw hats..all the straw hats looked the same! the one at Forever 21 sucks horribly..;talk about quality in brands..they are as soft as limp weeds! i'm glad i come across this shop called Materials where they are super eco-friendly and their bags aint the quality wise is super worth it after 30% discount..they even give you a free paper-bag that are way better then those at Zara's...

Penang lack of ZARA!!!! and COTTON ON!!! and...PULL AND BEAR!!!! and...the list goes on and on and on..c'mon dear Zara..please just open a branch at Penang..please....please *puppy eyes*
Okay, instead of whining about my itsy bitsy concern of my needs...i shall just type whatever happen's the list

1.Went to school to get my school books de...
2nd. New target to buy on shoopoing list is a very very washed out skinny jeans
3. Wish i get my result back, my mum kept wanting to see what i've got for the finals..
4.sick and tired of the song called 'waiting for the end' although it was one of my favourites..
5.Can't believe Johnny Depp looked hot in 'Public Enemies'

Left another week till school reopens...the only positive side i can see is that i don't need to climb four flight of stairs ..i onl;y need to climb THREE flight of stairs..much better than this year eh? to all the people who Celebrates Christmas: HohoHO..MErry Christmas!!!
Rudolph the red nose reindeer. had a very shiny nose...XD

Zipper Jeans dress: Shop@ Sungei Wang
Lace Basket: Some boutique at Queensbay
Basket no2: Some kiosk at Queensbay
Silver Shoes: Adidas@pavillion
xoxo Ann

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