Tuesday, December 28, 2010


U make me wanna- The pretty reckless (Taylor Momsen)

I can't believe 2010 is just going to end like that...somebody should sponsor tissues to me because i am not ready to step into 2011 yet! oh please ..*Ann had just hung onto a pole and never want to leave it* c'mon, i don't want to be 17..i don't want to face this ruthless SPM..i don't want to be the big sister in school..i don't want to leave my friends and face another set of strangers...
boo hoo!
Though my father said i shall get a laptop if i had 6 A's...(he was going to say 5 A's atcually) does that mean i shall get my freedom back? *nails bitting*..c'mon, this little girl needs a social life..she can't just sit at home and bang the piano all the time...=.=''
Rule number one when i walk into school, i'm going to sit in my chair and listen thoroughly what the teacher is saying...(even though it's my chemistry teacher who still speak 'molecule' as 'molecool')
oh sister, oh sister...how i wish i can gibber gabber just like you....
oh brother, oh brother...how i wish i can have brains like yours..
oh my, oh my, how i wish i can have a specialty on my own..
oh god, oh god, what ever happen to me? i kept stuttering here and there...
i just can't speak fluently..
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