Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Q

just read and i realize i love doing those random questions about myself! unfortunately..i can't copy her questions!!'m just gonna randomly form a question in alphabetically order

Age-    16 yrs, 3 months and 1 day old
Boy-   Can Ed Westwick who is 23 yrs old be counted as a boy?
Crush- XD
Death- comes only once in every human being
Exclamation- Holy wow
Friends- lazy to list down one by one
Girl-  Leighton Meester! her legs....oooh....
Hair- Long and curly, short and pixie
Influence- By music a lot a lot
Jokes- how do a dog know two languages? he "woof" and "Meow"
Kissing- ask me later
Love- is hurting and not worth it during the teenage years..
Money- I'm broke! ) :
Name- I only wanted to be known as Ann
Opinion- People should be made feelingless..This world is cruel!!!
Poetry- should be stop during the renaissance years
Queen- wears a lot a lot of corset
Rhymes- Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall..humpty dumpty ...
Sweets- Skittles!
Tooth/teeth- i miss my braces!
Undergarments- are made to wear inside, superman!
Volkswagon- looks like a car with a lot of bumps
Water- i drank loads, thank you
X-ray- teeth or body? i've done both liao
Yodel- Yodel yeah yodel yeah hee hoo..*ahem* i can't sing
Zone- time zone? huh? i don't understand my own question ..=.=''



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