Sunday, December 19, 2010

Faces of Pix

We R we R- Kesha XD
Went to Kuantan to see my was an eight hour we stop by Gohtong Jaya and went up Genting and shop only at Mango was soooo tiring and trust me, when we took the road back to Alor Star again, i feel like throwing up all yesterday's meal...I can never never travel to the mountains again! NEVER! Don't push me or i rather vomit at you..

Kuantan is more like SP..super bored and thank god they had MNG, Padini Concept Store and *gasp* Roxy and QuickSilver...This kind of 'ulu' place also got Roxy arh? the god must be joking...well, much better than Alor Star anyway..WHY CAN"T THEY OPEN MNG at Kedah??WHY WHY???? c'mon...i'm sure if Jusco take over Stargate, all those brilliant branded store would open there...but...*sigh* Stupid Tesco..Go away..SHOO!

Well, the only thing famous over there is the seafood..i have been eating three huge steam fish for the following three nights and i swear i can never swallow any fishes anymore..the dinner we had with my bro is you know how fat the fish was??? i wonder what they feed the fish with..Human?
poor fish, die for nothing..we could have spare you..

Haiz, Mr Chan's work haven't finish yet..he gave me three songs made up of 1 2 3 4 5 that kind of music notes.. I have never never learn that kind of traditional music notes before, and i had to crack my head and re-write the whole thing in modernization notes...
what's the different?


  1. Kuantan okay la...
    Like u said .. much better than KEdah lor !!
    XD .. i tot ur Dress buy from PG @@-
    Seafood .. I no have chance to eat since i'm 3
    Sad = =!!

  2. you've been to Kuantan? warh..i tot normal ppl don't go there de..coz really far and not much to see...

  3. my kor kor baru had to work there for five years...want see him also sooooo 'mahuan'

  4. @@ work for ? Wht job izit ? Pity korkor .. XD

  5. as a tentera udara...XD
    protect our country
    incase if you suddenly can fly
    my kor kor will carry you down..
    lol =.=''


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