Monday, December 6, 2010

21 with a basket

Closet No 1.
Mummy bought a dress for my sister at forever 21 and mummy only sponsor 15 dollars for my own dress ) :my sister wants to see how the dress looks like in case it looks like some lorry just ran over it with dog poo as their pattern..nope..IT"S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! sorry i had to wear it up, because when i saw it solo with no body to give it's really looks like a gunnysack...
how dyou rate that clothing, sis? it's perfect for your working age..(besides..if you don't want it..i'm soooo glad to sink my teeth in...i didn't try on my own dress and it looks like it's trying to squish my organs out of my body..really very dissappointed of my own dress..yours are way way way way better ) :)

and oh yeah, mummy bought four HUGE straw baskets and the two of us looked like some retail seller walking along Queensbay...=.=''here is one of mummy's recent favourite basket..
trust me, mummy had more then 10 baskets all ready to open one shop..she is obsessed with it..this is what happen when you give your mother read too much ViVi magazine..

Really suitable to hold if you're wearing a very very feminine dress..this does not look good on someone who happens to have mohawk hair and wear a michael Jackson suit..
 Readers: I'm adding a new label to my blog! i decided that my style issue label just never seemed to operate at this is my new label called 'Closet'..
i took clothing out of my closet and try to pair it up and post it up and blah blah blah
NOTE: style issue is clothing OUTSIDE my closet
closet is clothing INSIDE my house (which includes mummy's, sister's, blood related's...)

Dress: Sister's
Basket: Mummy's
Shoes: Sister's
Who's that zombie?: ME!!! (Ann)
ShopS: 4ever 21 and a kiosk at QMall

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  1. i just got back frm F21, QB and straight away online and read thru this. Great. Jst great ;D


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