Sunday, December 26, 2010


~no Song~
Walau...why i look like a guy like that?....*silence* it's my last year hair if you wanna ask...i only wear huge headband over it until my hair outgrown the whole 'short' thing...and i can't believe i own this tight red skinnies..=.=''
twins...with different come my sister's dress look sooo familiar de?
we're 7 years apart ( :

i'm taller..i'm taller..ngeh ngeh ni bu bu...okay..that time i was 14 and a my dressing sense just suck horribly..enjoy the hair though, skip the way i stand..i just wanna look taller..

 *Smiles* *Love* i miss you, sister!
me, sis, and dad...we're wearing the same dress...( : i think there must be some mistake...god should make us born the same year together...what would happen if my sister become my twin? One will sing everyday and one will talk non-stop.... the whole house will crumble down..
Seriously..i think she should born 7 years later together with me...

*pictures during 23rd December 2008*


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