Monday, November 29, 2010


AHHHH-No song..
Bought: two high waist cotton on high waist pants (pictured) which i will never never regret buying it..I adore floral  flowy lace dress and one floral shift dress..

At last...she looks older then me! anyone wonders where is my other!

This is definetly not from KL..haha..this is our last family photo before leaving Sg..

photo taken by ..ME! this is what i called a model full shot and every of my family members failed to deliver it! which frusrates me sooo much...they either took the photo of me without my shoes, legs, or made me looked like i've got only a head to be seen..i wanted this kind of shots to be taken..but it can't be taken by timer., in the distant future..i would hire someone..? you must be joking..i can't even afford to feed myself mineral water...


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