Thursday, November 11, 2010

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beautiful Disaster
Daddy at the gate
it happen 5 years ago and 18 years the house atcually survive a three times flood..
which is a started last Tuesday..that night, dad took mum and me around the housing area to see if the flood rumours are said to be true..Nothing! totally no water except the drain the next morning..tu-dioh, Taman Asas already flood knee deep..the area where we just saw within 24 hours already soak inside the mud...
As quick as possible, we raise everything we could...then we pack and leave the house to Jitra..(don't laugh) I know it's the prone area for floods but my another house was build on very high land and surprisingly, the whole housing estate is as dry as salted fish..the only problem to get there? The highway, is like a huge lake...the airport road is like a huge instead of a 15 minutes drive to Jitra, we took another road along to perlis and cut through a hinterland...water is everywhere around us..gushing through like waves..and the road is so narrow..just one slight misdrive and i can barely open my eyes to watch.

and this is what we saw along the way...erm...don't just stare at the naked men..look around..
so yeah, we're safe at the house..with LOADS of food and water...Goodness, i spent the whole day at the attic watching Gossip Girl, Tornado, Spiderwick, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Harry Potter 1,2,3,4,5, (6 is currently unavailable becoz dats the only movie i consider S-U-C-K)
and yes, i watch, eat sleep and bang on the malfunctioning keyboard...(did i mention the shampoo and conditioner my mum bought over there is amazin?) so you can imagine me washing my hair while my house back in AS is soak in muddy water.

Dad went back before us..he went back when the neighbors phone to tell that the water is rising up...he couldn't drive through any road he hitch a ride with the lorry and walked into the housing estate...NOBODY is outside nor i think alive...he was the only one there coz it's almost night...he saw the poor stray dog swimming the waist deep water...that dog was trying to find dry land..imagine how happy that dog was when he saw my father (a sign of living) and he paddle through and my dad shoo it away...there's no dry land for him to provide that poor fellow...
my house went in about one feet...even my piano which was raised by TWO HUge bricks couldn't escape that the aftermath, guess what? The whole house stinks..
it's like the whole Taman Golf people just puke into my house...and oh..they had kitty litter for dinner too..
Every where is like a MESS...the mud stains on everything and my lower shelves are all coated with chocolate flavour marshmallows and honey smells so bad i've lost a year appetite of food..

ignore my fleshy's how the water decolourise my furniture..
so yeah, right now my house is still stack up like someone had just raided in with nine hundreds of terrorist guns...they say it's going to happen again. but they did not specify when everything is in clothes is in the kitchen, the living room, the piano, the bedroom, the hall way the...oh no, it's not in the bathroom...

My poor chairs..
five days war...
so...anybody wanna come to house ?
i've got loads of brooms and mops for y'all..



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