Friday, October 29, 2010

Mega List..

Need you-Travie McCoy..
Just check the hotel for 11-13th Nov trip...they had the longest swimming pool, with waves and slides...but reviews shows that hotel is not well-maintaned and breakfast variety is horrible...but they compliment that the swimming pool is's my list
  1. 5 Tops (include T-shirt, racerback, blouses, whatever crap that are eligible to wear)
  2. 3 shorts
  3. 1 maxi beach dress (it's rainbow in colour XD)
  4. flip flop
  5. sunblock
  6. 2 suits of sleepwear
  7. 2 swimsuit
  8. 1 cap
  9. 1 mum's bonnet
  10. darling pillow
  11. hairbands, anklet, and earrings
  12. cleanser,moisturizer,toothbrush,toothpaste, c2p retainer.....
  13. CAMERA!!!! (vital to bring!)
  14. ipod..
  15. UNO
  16. and a poster of Ed Westwick....(mwahaha..jk)
WEARING : 1 knee length casual comfy black pants with ribbons...(eerrr girly)
                       grey blouse with chains...
                       sneakers for comfy sake
Bringing: 1 luggage
                 1 ultra mini sling bag...



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  2. all of you planned the shirt,pants etc already?i didnt prepare yet>.<

  3. where on earth r u going?? n what hotel is it??


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