Monday, November 29, 2010


Universal Studio Singapore
 Dang, i love that place...i suppose to go there with my cousin...and it turn out that she had already gone there abandoning me...Guess, it's mum and dad's turn to take me there after's a bit sad that Battlestar Galactica's duel roller coaster were temporary off dang, soooooo many people!!!! i can't get myself to walk in a straight line after all..
And i realizethat every station, there'll be at least more than four line lining up...tha canopy ride was the worst..i and dad waited for 75 minutes, for a 56seconds ride that looks like it only takes up 10 was NOTHING..just swinging in air with your feet dangling...the only ride we missed out was the water ride at Jurassic Park..we didn't want to looked like a drenched chicken with no fur...

I loved the  crowd...hohoho
 To be honest, i haven't been to SG since the birth of my couzzy which is 14 years the sight of it is something like a deer in middle of Las Vegas..

Frankenstein turns grey after many years of history...*hugs*


Inside is Shrek 4D movie magic...i don't like the intruduction, it doesn't had seats for us to listen to those epic cartoons trying to tell us a story..then we were lead to this HUGE motion chairs and go through this 4D short movie that only sprays water. blow your hair and scuddle your feet

This is nicer than the MovieWorld at Australia..Dang, it's just the explosion boom boom pow that makes everything goes wow wow whoa..From there, i bumped into Grace' and her family..the world is really really small..because i also bound into another friend, Shu Xian with her least Shu Xian's damily seems please to meet me...

This is Mummy's world! wait, it's not mymother's world to be's the egypt mummy's world...that is the only ride i love most, after all, the biggest duel roller coaster was off limits...My 'Smart" daddy hold on to the camera all through the ride, taking pictures of 'Black vision while the roller coaster is accelerating around, going up and and down..and backwards and back down and rotating us..this is an indoor roller coaster..thank god, the camera didn
t fly off his hands..

New York world...i saw fake Marilyn Monroe, Betty Bop and Charlie Chaplin..and watch Steven Spielberg's secret of movie making..gabla gabla gabla...The most ridiculous act was the Monster musical which only had a very sickening story plot and poor chosen songs...hello? i've already heard three of the universal studio's characters singing 'Nobody nobody but you..." c'mon..where's bad romance???

Battlestar Galactica World./..the only ride i sat was the accelerator...

how dyou rate this theme park?
my cousin said this is twice as small as the one in the states...
what dyou expect from Asia?
Steven Spielberg's real person as the ticket collector?

xoxo Ann

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