Sunday, November 21, 2010


A Year Without Rain -Selena G.
 One Malaysia! can u spot the malay?
identify which is senior and which is junior...
the last day at school and 4A, 4B, and 4D went over to my 4C class to PAR-TY
we sat in a circle and start to fool around...i can only recall my part where i sang 'oh when the saint..goes marchin in..." and then got pushed a few centimetres away and started groping Annick's .......erm.....let's just skip that part, shall we?

There were tons of Pictures snapping here and there..oh yes...there were a lot of fishes brought to school..illegal ones that rings and vibrate...but the whole school is like a fishing spree..teachers walked by and they just close a blind eye...c'mon it's the last day of school, when are you going to see ur friends again...?
talk about friends...IF OOI CHIU YEE IS READING THIS POST..
which i think she will...
I HAVEN"T SEEN YOU FOR SIX SOLID MONTHS!!! (just exagerating to see if she'll shock herself till she crawl to my house)...
i went to her house, and her dog nearly ate me...(nawh, it's a few feet away..but it sure looked very hungry) then nobody's i waddle a penguin trying to ride a bike..

shortest, short and erm..not so tall...
I feel sooo sorry for Harry Potter's movie ...i think as long as David Yates directed it, it's just going to be a boring stiff explanation..i like Michael to direct which he only directed once in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire..That movie was the best among all...ever since David Yates took over from the fifth movie till the finale, it's a horrible storyline..c'mon..he's cool enough to spinch a few humour..but the way he try to explain things to the's just a yawning *yawn* moment to past the way, harry Potter and the deathly hallows are tooooooo draggy (coz they've already cut half of the book) they should not have made it in's understandable..

ASEAN women cyclist got hurt soooo badly...she cycled really fast so it's a real pain to see her letting go off her medal after she dashed through the barrier and bleed herself...if you've been wondering what on earth would i be doing at home without phones and social websites and outings, i am watching the Asean Games..had been following every each of the games...addicted to it (seriously...) but still i'm not a fan of the World Cup..i've just like cheering my country's team..and not yelling my head off at other's country team..
did i mention, Lin Dan is sooo hot? and oh yeah, malaysia's sepak takraw team very memalukan..when they win, they atcually laughed at the other team, mocking at them..
finally, they loose...
now who's laughing?

Caught guilty for murdering Lady Gaga's hair
Posed: Ann T. and Amal A.
sentenced to one and a half months rehabilitation..
house arrest for a year..

Ning's infamous Gaga imposter..
oh look..
an extra leg..


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