Thursday, November 11, 2010


There's this group of 16 years old girls...
3 chinese, 2 malays..they're going to 'buy' my song
called 'Rainbow'..
they sent me 5 messages...and obviously i didn't reply coz i didn't online for 2 weeks
they had took my song, adding k-pop beats and even added a rap part into it..
a company wanted to help them aired their first debut in the radio..
and they said if it's okay, they wanted to take my song and give me a part of their share

what i am afraid is that, if i give them the green lights...
they didn't give me any credits..
they might tell everyone that this is THEIR song...
and i respect my's hard to come up a nice melody these days..
am i going to waste it by selling it off?
On the other hand, i just wish my song could be heard
it's a pity count at youtube..
so should i publisize it? or...????

here's the song...but please don't judge my singing, because it's horrible..
but judge the melody..


  1. make them sign some paper agreement so that they will give you credit and give you a part of their share like they say they will!!

  2. !!!OMFFFGGGGG!!! :DDD CONGRATZ GALL!!! like seriously it's your 1st BIGGG step :DDD k. my advise: make sure they agree to the terms like to make sure they credit you and the money and stuff on black and white contract. but i think you'd rather them credit you then get the money right? CONGRATZ like reallly god <3 you:DD


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