Thursday, November 11, 2010


Deciphering me...

Anugerah Cemerlang Nilam...3/5/10
Ann as pianist, choir member and violinist...
don't wanna talk about that..soo...back to my life..
about the Langkawi trip that i had been anticipating all my is like i had NOT expected..
like i said, don't imagine too much, those things will never was a huge dissappointment..and i never want to plan anything anymore..such dismay! they don't know how much it meant to took five cauldrons of truth and  promises to get my parent's approval...but they allow without any note of pinky swear! and the reason to cancel this trip is because of INdonesia's stupid valcano erruption and they're afraid of earthquakes and soo first..but..haiz, i don't think i wanna talk much about it...
It took me one week to get over it...
Anybody's a spongebob squarepant's fan? anybody? i atcually set the alarm 5.00 pm in order to crawl myself up and watch the cartoon..i dont think i like Patrick the Stupid Starfish any more because the more i see him, the dumber he gets and when people do things to the extend where a retards are way better...that starfish is really getting on my nerve..the only serious and non-mental is SQUIDWARD!!! who doesn't wear any that green octopus...
Chiu Yee cut a really amazing Ed Westwick poster which emphasize his face...O000
Jia Wen splurt out a whole mouthful of water right behind me today..
Xin Ning wanted to wear heels during Annick's farewell party
Annick told me about a book which i forget...
Sandy's hair today is like a fountain instead of a tree
Dar and i love Ed and love watching Spongebob's cartoon
We played poker using monopoly money
Jia Wen owe me $20,000
I had started a  habbit calling Ms Chiu Yee...SExy
Sis had just got an invitation to her Convo at joked that we may be going but that's completely not sis ate up almost everything we had...and right nw she's celebrating her year anniversary with her bf at England...Jealous...they're going scotland and i'm stuck here living in dare she!
Damn it..this computer is SLOW...

I had skipped one week of blog and yet, i couldn't find anything to write..
each time things happen, a mark stepped right into my head, making sure that i jot it down the first thing i online..but right's a complete blank because of some youtubers shocking me..
I'm suddenly obsessed over ribbons...i don't like black ribbons because it can't be seen..and out of a sudden i think hairbands are really old pin , i guess i change my point of view and focus of ribbons instead..those that comes with hair bands.. and yeah, i really need to get myself a slip on shoes...i used to wear my sis's ipanema, and i regretted rejecting the grey she's having the gold one and i have no idea where's the grey one
and right now..i haven't the slightest clue what i'm writing
Oh yeah! i should talk about EXAM RESULT! they miscalculate my mark for a whole 110 marks different! add math 11 marks?? you must be kidding me....Account 28 marks?? this is horrible..! it's either the computer or the teacher didn't get enough sleep...i wasn't at all pleased about my physics and chemistry...i half expected physics to turn out that mark but Chemistry??? oh god...
thank goodness i pull up moral...
and it is a miracle i passed chinese...for paper 1, i got 10/80....i didn't expect any hope for it either...but then i pass..hohoho...
not going to school till Tuesday..!Today, stupid sickness come back again after a two month absent...those fatigueness and dizziness...ergH! my mood is horrible..don't mess with me...and yes, i admit i become a bit of mental, humming (not humming..screeching) all sorts of songs and trying to sound out of tune as possible...sorry for the noise pollution i did this's the only way to keep that bad omen away..
mum started feeding me with things..she always suspect that i didn't eat much...but i was all full i drink, eat , drink and the multivits exist again...ergh..
My oh my, this post is going to be VERY VERY long...
Choir members
Mizz Nina with an epic moment behind her
Another year going to the thrash again..any suggestion how i would transform myself when school reopens? I do not like to be the same girl each year...though attitude cannot be changed...i try to be more mature...
Gimme a break..i need some drama to break up the blog !
Wei Ying in a 'cage'

All my novels
All my magazines
All my clothes
Still there


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