Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear NickY

Cute Little Thing <3

I remember those days where you came by
giving words of advice to say goodbye
though it's all so long and firm
i got what you need to say
though you always go on and on and on
sumtimes i didn't like the way u talk (sorry arh! XD)
bt that's just what makes you the real you
so lets walk

*you're gone too soon
 and i will give you the moon
 to make you remember me all night
 don't you ever let me go, go
 you cute little thing
 You're gone
  leavin me alone
 please don't ever forget me though
 keep this always in your heart, heart
 you cute little thing x4*

pinky face with a smile
but still fragile
poking me when you're bored
and i will freeze
though it's only a year
that i know you my dear
could it be the last?
(repeat chorus)

Dear Annick,
i read your letter the day you thought i was leavin
you took me as one of your besties
it's a huge pride to be one
and i shall say, you are also my bestie
though i can't be compare to Nina ..
our memories together are too many to be listed
please take care of yourself
please never never forget me
I love u

Twin Name

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  1. i love you Ann, thank you. you made me cry you Monster!! :)


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