Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colours of the wind

The time of our life- B.E.P
Sorry guys, for the two weeks absent of *no photos* post..i left my camera cable at the other =.='
so these are all the memorable Annick's you can see, that hairy arm right there is not Hairy Potter..

Don't i look tall ....
Oh yes, did i mention we watched Pirahna over there..? gosh, when it reaches the climax, some SMART girl went to off it...and BAM! ..
there wasn't an explosion...
Right, today 21/11/10 ..
i met Annick right opposite AS all places..she was yelling my name when i was trying to explain to my clueless parents what Harry Potter is all about..then i saw one brown figure with the hand clamping like Mr Krab in Spongebob's cartoon...har! Annick's signature move...the hand clamping..

waiting with a very very long neck to go for a holiday..
but it never come..
c' least just bring me to penang..
i won't fuss..


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