Monday, November 22, 2010

An Old Lady

Dear Old Aunt,
She had no where to go, they didn't want her
Staying for more then two decades, yet she was no longer needed
She awaits for her only hope, yet the phone call never come
She cried and i watched helplessly in silence..
What can i do, to ease her pain..?
for i too, will miss her lots..
just one year, and she'll be gone
to a place far away, away from love...
I promised that i'll visit her often..,
but i do not know what will happen a year after
an old frail woman, with no husband nor child..
her only hope, her dear neice never call back...
i do whatever i can do for the near future..
but right now, i'm helpless but to watch her lonely figure
in the room, and in the kitchen, earning only three hundred a month..

Dear old aunt,
you had watch me had watch my brother had watch my sister grow
You had lived under the same roof with my family for 24 years..
it's cruel to see you leave this house ...
i hope you had enough saving to lived through your day..

to my sister whom she had relied to soooo much,
i hope you will take care of her,like you promised her..
Please phone back often as it always brighten up her with just a 30 secs phone call
do not break that promise..

one more year to go...
i shall spend the most with you...
i love you , dear aunt

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