Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Original song, melody and lyrics are pure original..
I'm giving you the green lights sunnygirlss0
But please agreed with the terms and conditions
credits and copyrights must be taken seriously
hope you guys will BERJAYA!!

Verse one
I felt my vision shattered when you came in view
you change my life and give me turning point that's new
i pop a question thinking what it's gonna be
look at me
i feel the weight that you have put into my life
i wonder how did i live on and still survive
all the colours that you show just meant a lot
that's my thought

I walk into a rainbow
you shine so bright in seven glow
i struck my chords just to know
you, oh, oh
i turn the colours in white
the only black dot is you
i wish it stay the same all night
dream, oh, oh

Verse two
The grass patch everywhere are not just like you
you're the gold at the end of the rainbow
a space between you and me never seem to hold
will it last?
shove me up into a pot of lovey luck
a treasure doesn't mean it had to be so dark
underneath i saw a potrait of your face
who are you?
(Repeat Chorus)

i walk into a rainbow
i walk into a dark road
a place where i could breathe old
hold...owoo oh oh...
(repeat chorus)

written by
Ann Tan

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