Friday, June 25, 2010

False alarm

You know what? The school is HEARTLESS!! They atcually don't care that WE, Students had to stand under the hot sun for TWO stupid PERIOD!! And look what they had done to me?? I ended up having this HUGE pain all over my brain (I wouldn't say head, because head is the outer layer..)

I thought it was just a normal headache, but the thing worsen after i absorb LOADS of stress from CHOIR and DRAMA...god...i thought it's a serious, i have brain tumour, maybe? everything is possible, since just a week ago, i felt my soul leaving my body...

Well, aparently, i went back and thought this pain will be just temporary..but the next day, i feel like someone had hammer too much onto my forehead..IT"S UNBEARABLE...and guess what? Mummy and Daddy took me to see the


Yes, i wasn't protesting againts that..Mum was freakin out because the head throbing lasted for 48 hours..that's too much for a migrane huh? And oh yeah, I got a fever too..drinking two cans of water make me want to puke..that shows a very bad sign for a brain problem..nevertheless..for the past six months, they can't find anything with my blood, it must be something to do with the brain then..right??

I was freakin out atcually, i'm even scared of a STUPID CAT SCAN, which is to scan your brain? But the DOCtor laugh..HAHAHA..

DR: It's because of the Fever..Girl at your age, tend to get all those kind sickness
Ann: ...Oh?
DR: They will have dizziness, feel a bit of headaches here and there..your tonsils a bit swollen btw..(he didn't say btw ..he said by the way)
Ann: ...oh...(it wasn't a's more like someone sat on my head)
DR: there's no need to do the CAT's fine...
Ann: (how dyou know? you can't even look inside...)

And do you know what? Mum was SOOO worried..she took care of me 24/7 (YES.) Very grateful of her..She atcually pray for me, because my health is gettin worse this year....The Doctor could be wrong, you know? and i'm rolling all over the bed, for the pain to hurts sooooo can the doctor say it was a headache? it's more like some nerve celll just broke off..Mum atcually went to the temple..Thank you, mummy <3

Ann ended up quiting this HUGE choir competition this coming saturday, which is TODAY..i was given the role as the pianist..CURSE THE SCHOOL!!!! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME??????

My Entertainment for the day..



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