Friday, June 4, 2010


First poem i ever wrote about someone..
..on the exam question paper..LOLZ!

His eyes look like Ed Westwick
That makes my knees go weak
He always wear shorts and tight shirt
no wonder Simon Cowell gets hurt
His hair so short yet his smile soo bright
those laugh he gave it was soo light
my eyes follow his every little steps
they call me stalker, i need a rehab
To see him far away it's not enough
sadly though, he ain't that tough
He's GAy! He's Gay! the time i saw him
all good looking gay guys are thin
He's not stick thin, nor flash fat
he has such a hot body and yet
he is short for a boy that age
thinking of it, it make my brain damage
as they say, looks can be deceiving
but each time i see him, it's non-believing
his action speaks louder then words
please be straight or else it would hurt
We remain strangers because i don't hook
i do not have freedom to atcually fit
i'm dead boring, nobody wants to look
my sister's famous quote "Ann, you look like a shit''
somehow i manage to get a glimpse of him in his school
opportunity knocks, and i'm the fool
i could only keep quiet and remain unseen
its no way this is going to work out it seems..
they say that he must be really hot and sane
that he manages to catch my stone dead brain
i have never set any eyes on boys for a long time
girls gotta move on to feel fine
if my friends atcually read this
they'll be puking their eyes out at least..
i feel disgust when i read what i wrote
if my paper gets back i'll keep the note
it's already half a year
i've been seeing him all weeks, i fear..
but he didnt know nor did i want him to
because nothings gonna work if it'll do
so,goodbye to my love story..
all i wish is to be really free
there is nothing but define crush
he's gay or he's not, i will not fuss..
his eyes

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