Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging out

CAN we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting star?

It took sooo hard to atcually go out with my friends..but technically, i didnt go out with them..i BUMPED into them..ok, so my sis is in love with this nude great platform heels.she wanted to buy it soooo freakin at the same time, my friends are all having 'DRAMA" meeting..buying props there was their 'MAIN', they already planned to have their meal at GEORGE town..All waited for me, but i didnt turn up, because of my parents' RESTRICTIVE rules..ARGH..but my darling sister didn't opose me apologizing to my friends over turn out that after buying her darling shoes, i stayed with my friends to buy their props stuff...and snap distorted background pictures with every each of them..
Darling Annick with me..okay, that's a mop stick i'm holding on..and my bag did not welcome any snatch's empty inside..PS Annick, i love your lace
Yikes..MORE MOP STICKS!!!!Darling XIn Ning and me took three sticks..

Erm..More sticks?? three sticks with Jia Wen and i'm still holding my stupid lonely MOP stick


DRAMA PROPS ...Turn out that none of our mop sticks are FOR have to buy with the mop head if you want to atcually buy it..Lolz..

OUTCOME? DIDN"T buy anything for props..
my sis somemore offered to carry all of them go Tesco and eat BIg APPle's Doughnut..
ha..only ANNICK responds to that...but unfortunately, Xin Ning is not allowed, Jia Wen got tuition with Sandy...and Annick had to cary Xin Ning home..

CAN we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting star?
i could really need a wish right now..
wish right now..
wish right now..


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