Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nature Awareness

For a moment, i thought you were chucky...
Chiu yee will go utterly insane when she saw what i'm holding...Gah, it's an orange door behind me..EEW..i hate orange..
okay, lemme get this straight, watching a documentary show was not what i intended to do..but there was no other interesting show and i was stuck watching how a bear, squirrel, and chipmunk could not hibernate because there was not enough food..after watching that, it's like someone had just wash my brain and bake it under the sun...i pity the bear...and still i wonder how on earth people take such a hideous beauty and turn into a cute cudly soft toy..
I want to be a VEGETARIAN..
I miss you, Happy...why do you have to leave us? i'm sure you're doing great with your other're the good-est dog i've ever met..and to think people atcually sold your breed for thousand dollars! you are not worth a penny, because money can't buy you..
I seriously start to take nature damn serious..i don't know what's wrong with me...Ha! when i say i wanna be a vegetarian...something strikes me..i cannot live without eggs..NO! i do not eat meat, but i eat eggs..that's the only thing i eat..not vegetables but egg..OMG...

 Meet Ernie and =.=''
Ann is gaining weight ( a sign of being healthy again?) and Ann badly wants to stop talking in third person!!!..that is an annoying habbit which sends people shooting themselves in the head..
Saw Yinjie's post about voting between these two least i think they're Elmo senior and Elmo Junior..Cookie monster did not look that blue to me..-.-''

Siao po on the rage..anyway..just visited the new house..doesn't look soo new now..nobody's living in it..
Please ignore the green frog who happen to be standing at the green dress seem soooo familiar..i wonder who is the right owner...

Gonna pay great attention in nature soon..can't believe a documentary show could influence me until like that..try watching NAtional Geographic for one season, i'm sure you'll be in my footsteps soon...Eco Eco Eco..gotta buy more recycling bags..

proud of you earth
but you're dying in birth
too bad i can't sacrifice not eating meat
because eggs are the only one to beat


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