Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lovey Dovey

Wakka Wakka, it's time for Africa!

OMG, holiday is going to end sooon!!! somebody !!! call the time-turner here!! i don't want school to start!! HUH! fat chance..
i want to kick myself real real hard...why oh why couldn't i just talk to *****?? that person!! omg, was soooo close to me, our arms are practically touching if i wasn't swinging my arm as i walk...after back home, i just realize, i just thought of something, WHY COULDN"T I TALK TO HIM???!!!hello? when will there be a time, where you and him could walk together?? i mean, it's not a big pathway, we're SOOOO close..dude..ARGH!! when i think back..ARGH!!!! ARGH!!!!! i know i know, girl aren't suppose to make the first, but who ask him to walk WITH me????...

MNG BIG SALE!!!! The whole shop can't even fit us!!! When you look at the people over there, it's like they're a pack of wild animals, grabbing everything in sight...and the line to the fitting room is FREAKIN LONG...the Women over there had twelve or twenty pile of clothes in EACH on earth can i try on all those dresses??

So mum, say, take the risk..i ended buying one blouse which had 50% (Max discount), a dress for my sis who didn't join us, and mum bought herself a boat neck t-shirt...As my mum say, take the risk, i was praying hard when i got back home to try it on, nothing horrible will appear in the mirror..

HA! it's tooo big...
it's SALE...why couldn't i grab more stuff???
thinking back, i could have kick myself again..
so many mistake and yet, nothing can change..


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