Friday, June 4, 2010

16 days

So many things happen between that 16 days of EXAM
and here's my review of the overall papers..
PHYSICS- it's on the verge of melting
Chemistry- it's on the verge of breaking down
Chinese- i don't even understand a word..all look like Japanese to me..
English- My essay didnt turn out well because the way i describe my dream house,   
               everything seems sooo messy...SOMEBODY CALL NANNY MCPHEE HERE!!!
Malay- i write and write until i think i'm drawing something instead of writing
Account- i didnt put much hope on that one
History- har! i think my marks is going to be HISTORIC
Add Math- my fingers will cramp if i continue to use calculator for the next few days
Math - on the verge of turning into thin air
Moral- guess what? i do not recall..

conclusion: not one subject is preferable OUTSTANDING...

so i made a poem, wrote in in one of my Paper One paper...
(just hope the teacher didnt read it unless he had thick skin, thinking that i wrote it for him)

HA! fat chance..

after exam, gonna be SSUPER buzy..with NIE, DRAMA and CHOIR..
Annick our little director...please save your breath till Wednesday..
you might do a lot of shouting on that day onwards..
dont wanna see u get sick..

Shit..i left my NIE template at school.. i gotta wait till school reopens to get it?
this is one awesome great news..

recent obsession: guys that look like gay but they're not?

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