Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Hair do

out of 10, my rating = 6??
Went to Kennyik to do my perm, after a very very very long anticipation and usual buzzing to my sister ...she finally brought me there to curl my hair..lol..i never thought the whole process would be SOOOO deepy uncomfortable..
It's nt digital perm or ceramic perm or the UN-lasting Japanese perm..it's Water perm..and god knows what is that..so they had long long tubes to roll all my strands of hair..i feel like my hair could break any second..then they splat some chemical, that it stung my eyes without even contacting it...OMG..the smell smelled like some cat just died in a pool of his pee and his body decomposed..URGH

Then, i waited for half an hour? and the machine is SOOOO hot..i feeel like my whole head got cooked..then my body start to feel numb again..i wanted to tell my sister that i can't feel myself, but she was busy talking to the boss..lolz..they were sooo engrossed and here i am, sitting there, pressing my own palm to make sure i don't pass out..
But then after he took the tubes off, wow, my curl was soooo god damn tight, but then he blew my hair and twist it into those large loose spiral curl and cut my fringe, that girl in the mirror didn't even look like me..where's the young girl, aunty?

but anyway, i'm sick of boring straight hair, this could be a start of something new..XD
and like it or not, i will live with it no matter how much critics i got..
now my hair still smells like a cat just peed on it..
better hope it subside when school reopens,
i do not want people to crink their nose when i walked past them..

conclusion: Perming is a painful experience, but if you wanna try something new, go for it..
XD, or else get a MOHAWK..



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