Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bits and pieces..


Gosh, i hasn't change so much ain't it...i was six ( i think) and that was my recent passport-size photo..mum told me that my mouth is still the same..) : always ^n^ wonder people called me sober and everyday sad sad..i didn't mean to, because i was born with a mouth like that..i can't always strech my mouth wide, to make everyone think that there's nothing wrong with me., time you see me sulking, NOTE, i'm not sad, i'm just dreaming, K?
Gonna wear this T-shirt for tomorrow Marathon!! wow, this is like my first time, doing some charity good work..CAN"T WAIT!!! *biting fingers*..anyway, this picture looks kinda scary to me, it looks like someone had just colour me black all over, don't I look like a pole?
I really can't wait for tomorrow! hope it doesn't rain, please don't let me down..and don't let myself hope too much..everything you plan ahead, always me..i just hope that my STAR NIE group will co-operate and do ENVIRONMENT issue like i suggested..the ideas kept coming in, and there are sooo many things to blab about..everybody is doing this boring old social theme...i mean, i'm sooo sick of teenage angts..can't they do some other things? Date due is coming closer, just hope they will atcually agree with me..i already wrote one whole article for our magazine...don't let me down too...the world needs to know..

Got myself a new wallet..XD

Eco Eco..Ann is obsessed in saving the world..
i think i watch tooo much HEROES series..
or maybe i'm still stuck in documentary show...
i haven't been using the air conditioner for two nights XD
but i don't think i can stand it no more..
gonna break the rules..


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