Friday, June 25, 2010

Heart Choir

Just for reminder..there will be a lot of pictures..

Wei Ying and Me..i can't identify whose hand is whose..

Choir Competition at Keat Hwa 2..Hrm, four schools only, but nevermind, this is the very first time we atcually particpate since my sister's year, which is seven years ago? Anyway..we were made to wear this gaudy for the front row, blue for the middle and EEKY yellow-orrange for the back (thank god..)
Me and YOng...XD

Anyway, we sang in parts, as in harmony...I'm in Alto..even though Sir insisted that i must be in Soprano 1...NO NO NO..i will not leave Alto Alto family is there..And do you know what's the first thing we do when we reach there? Snap pictures..We're the only one school that snap pictures there, like we had never seen Keat HWa 2 before =.=''
Wei bus..nothing to do but snap snap snap..Yong seem sooo happy

Seriously, we also visit the toilet, not to do our bussiness but snap photos...LOL=.='' every empty space, you'll see red skirts, yellow skirts and blue skirts all over the place..i wonder what did the other school think about us..We're the only one that atcually go to the canteen and demanded''

My face look stupid and hideous and thats Wei Ying btw..

We won first price anyway..XD and we continue to snap pictures
From left: Joyce, Hui Ying, Jia Yuan, Yong, Wei Ying, Vern and Muah..
Doesn't this looks like we're preparing to graduate?

I didnt realize this...we atcually stand from the shortest to the tallest..

I wonder why Jia Ying had to squat down..

Me and Darling Mei Mei..ANGIE
Form Four babes of =.='' why all same height de?


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