Friday, June 18, 2010

Walk on Earth

Hrm, never what i expected..the time got delayed and everything..anyway, we walked around my housing estate, which is Taman was a walk about 4-5km and we walked holding banners and sign, shouting 'GO GREEN'..i really salute the people, they atcually shout 'GO GREEN' for 4-5km ...people watch us from their neighborhood, and i think that we sounded like protesters...*GLEE*
The walk can't seem to end..we're atcually walking around the neighborhood, telling all the people living there to GO GREEn...many of them detour and walked back to their i suggested that i and my dad should detour back to our home too..LOL, he said that's very embarassing..make people look down on us..
Well, what dyou expect from a person that fatigue like me? After that exhausting walk, i could my head started to spin..I went back home, and my sister is still bugsing me to run errands with her at town..DUDE, can i just rest? Each time, i plopped my head down, everything in my vision starts to's like somebody had just use me as a drum set..
I can only sit up right, so i ended up not getting any rest after all..mum got all worried, and she got me worried too..
since my blood test was tested, and nothing is wrong with me, there must be something to do with the brain she rushed me to the doctor next door to consult her...she said, if there was something to do with the brain..i might have other symptom, since this sickness had been going on and she said it's either my ear mechanical balance or my hormone

So i think this will be the first and the last i walk for the sake of charity..i can't even sleep at night...once i lay my stupid fragile head on the pillow, everything starts to spin..haiz..i wasn't that weak before..i feel like i just walked out from my coffin..

Sis : So Ann-Ann, how was your out-of-body experience
Ann: ....(wtf?)
Sis: Did you feel your soul flying out of your body?
Ann:...(haha, not funny)


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