Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crushing hard

Falling Slowly
Heck, i have never never never never felt that way before to some random guy i barely know..DUDE, i was shaking soooo violently, i can't even hold a pencil..I'm trying hard to avoid him, because i'm afraid if i ever walk beside him ever again, i might forgot how to walk..

My whole body trembled even when i'm sitting without doing anything..i didn't breathe..or maybe i forgot how to breathe..LOL =.='' and i just found out he knows how to play the guitar..that is making me even more OBSESSED and CRAZY over him..i have always always wanted someone who can share their interest in music like me..
I can't believe my junior atcually knows, practically i squash a lot of information from her..huh..I gotta admit that i am a stalker..but i won't put too much hope..she says that he is extremely girl-friendly..lots of girls had been crushing hard on him the same as i do.

He is making me feel worst because that night, he turn up with this extremely tight white T-shirt with white bermudas shorts and white shoes..It emphasize his body and that was the time i atcually turn like a human-vibrator..can't stop trembling all over..

it's such a painful experience...

A random pic of my darling sis ..(did i just wrote 'Darling'??yikes...)
Guess what? Pizza Hut charge the NON-muslim extra 5% for tax..My Dad is extremely mad about it, not because of the price but to think that they DISCRIMINATE us!!!


ps: i wrote a song for him.

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  1. way to go girl! i had this shaking thing for two person soooooooo you dont have to go see a doc for it alright? (jk) but its completely normal :) if by normal means, i dont know.. IN LOVE! XD


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