Sunday, May 30, 2010

HALF day trip

Went to Queensbay just to hang out with my 'beloved' sister..and daddy and mummy
lolz..can't believe this is the first time both of us atcually enjoy looking at branded outlets together..we were finding high waist shorts all around forever 21..then we didn't know kitschen had already opened next to nichii..

i tried on their jumpsuit..(LATEST trend now...) i feel like i'm doing sports bye bye my sister ended up buying one pink lace dress and a flowery smock? lolz..nobody said that dress turn up nice, so she blame me for asking her to buy it...

we had our lunch at DRAGON-I where their Ramen and 'siew long pau' are their trademark..of course daddy's friend treat us the whole course..or else our whole family should be having lunch at Kim Gary instead..
my sister kept complaining about her stupid three and half inch heels she was wearing..the minute i exchange shoes with her..i can't even walk...the whole weight shifted right to my's painful and people who insist on wearing that killer heels should suffer in consequence..
i do have to pay a price right?
Because she sponsor half of the money to buy me a realy proper BEAUTIFUL jumpsuit..
that jumpsuit could make me buy six basic Padini it THAT worth it huh??
but love love love the jumpsuit...
muah muah muah..
That's my dress she's wearing...=.='' and that's the 'killer' heels..lolz..=.=''
 waiting patiently for my sister to emerge from the fitting room..lolz..bored =.=''
so that's the end of that sooo short trip
i don't know why are we in a hurry to go home...i didnt even get to look at the books at Border...
maybe it's because of my sister frequent complain about her poor feet..
haha..can't blame her too..i can hardly walk because i don't wear heels that much

so long .for Wesak day's holiday..


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