Monday, December 30, 2013

Recapping 2013, welcoming 2014

it's almost the end of 2013 , and it's time to flash back what happen during my whole 2013 year. Maybe you should do too because it helps you remember all those things that happen and shape you up for what you are now ( :

i pile up all my looks for 2013~
well there's a lot of memorable things that happen during 2013
  1. I have endured last two semesters of pain killing STPM (A-levels like) exam and i'm still alive
2. i got my first sponsor in July from Efox city~my first paid sponsor was with Hair extension and my first paid event was with nuffnang (talent corp)

3. My followers had grown from a mere 102 followers to 677 followers within one year

4. I gave up music not because i didn't like it, but because i think i can do better than that ~ LOL! =..=

5. i finally went from a secret disclosed relationship to an almost open relationship with Dan because my parent found out about it (i thought they would kill me) and decided that i'm old enough to have a boyfriend

6. My first time joining 40 cars convoy to Koh Lanta, Thailand~ i ended up having bad diarrhea and almost a quarter of us threw up all over the boat *urgh!*

7. 20 of my classmates came to my house to celebrate mooncake festival and me and my friend bday, i tell you it was amazing how we woke the whole neighborhood up

8.  My first time joining Beauty Pageant even though i am super under-height and i have no idea how to speak proper mandarin . Ended up getting No.6 and Miss Intelligent? haha

9.  I won my first giveaway! lol, like literally it's my first time participating too

10. My first time going to overnight trips with all my new friends and Dan too!(shall repeat it once again later)

recapping my look
thanks for some of the online fashion stores that gave me all those lovely clothes too~
SammyDress (haven't snap outfits of it yet)
 and on coming

and thanks Hishop , especially Mabel Yan for selecting me always to review on their wonderful beauty products ( :

and thanks to Butterflyprojectmalaysia for making every blogger's dream happen. all the lovely events and collaboration , i really wish i can join all of them 

and everything happens beautifully at 2013 because of him ( :
i miss going school with him because~~
Breakfast: most of the breakfast everyday to school were all from him
even though i had my mummy's lovely scrumptious delightful breakfast , i sometimes would ate both ! no surprise why i had put on another extra pound for that. 
Dan would wake up early just to accompany me walk the dreadful long road from the student's parking lot to the classroom because it's dark and i reached school before everyone else ~ and he would patiently wait for me to walk me back to the parking lot
and when those days my mum had no idea what to give me for breakfast, Dan would wake up earlier than me and drove all the way to buy me breakfast. and i still complained why he bought me duck rice one time =..=

Many say he is not good looking, but hey~ i personally think after getting to know him better (we were once really close friend, i knew him for 3 years before moving on to our relationship, this is something like  a
a great drama storyline, ahaha) his looks doesn't really matter. everybody likes him ( : he has one of those beautiful heart i ever seen (that doesn't make him sound gayish right?)no seriously, i wish they get to know him better, (i wish they know who i'm referring to) 
he always say "do you want me to buy this for them? i pay ( :"
"go home early, your parents would worry"
my back side recapping look . hahahaha
meaning no more turning back to 2013 anymore ( :

and here's my 2014 wishes ( :
  1. to reach 1000 followers via gfc and 500 for bloglovin
  2. to save enough from my part time job  to go holiday wee~
  3. to buy myself a studio microphone (lol, been wanting that since last two years =..=)
  4. to get into the best university T.T and get the course that i want
  5. me and my loved ones  happy and healthy!
so have you start your new year's resolution yet? 



  1. what a year for you, many more more lovely moment to come hopefully :)

  2. Nice year you have got! Wow, you joined a beauty pageant! :) Hope 2014 will fulfill your wishes girl! I still have not filled in my new year's resolutions yet, but I will soon! Cheers to a new year! xx

    Chic Nikkie

  3. great outfits and pictures!!:) lovely blog!!:)

  4. all the best in achieving ur new year resolutions! jiayou =D
    I have a long list of resolutions too, hopefully I can achieve at least 2/3 of them. haha ^^

    Heaven Knows

  5. Beautiful looks during 2013! Wishing you a blessed new year<3

    Happy New Year 2014,

  6. Loved your looks! Hope 2014 will be a great year for both you n me :D


  7. Your outfit pics are sho nice !!!!!!!

  8. hmmm looks like you had a great year :) Happy new year doll !! would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx

  9. Nice outfits on congrats on your achievements this year! Happy New Year :*

  10. Hey, thank you for following me, I have now followed you back! :)
    Happy New Year! xx

  11. Hy!
    I just follwed back :)
    Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true!

  12. i like the way you styled the shoes , happy new year dear!

  13. Happy New Year!
    I'm new follower via GFC, hope you can follow back)

  14. I just love your photos. You have great poses, you should try your hand at modelling!! Xo

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  15. You are so hot I'm melting like chocolate

  16. Happy New Year dear :) Following you by GFC and Facebook, hope you follow me back!
    Kisses, Mrs Vain

  17. Hi dear...happy new year... u have a lovely blog....we can follow each other....follow my blog on gfc and i will follow u let me know
    keep in touch

  18. Happy New Year! Wish you all the best.
    Love that looks :)
    Follow for follow, maybe?

  19. Thank you for commenting my blog!
    Very cool and stylish pictures and clothes.
    Happy New Year!

  20. Looks like you had an amazing year in 2013. Wishing you Happy New Year!

  21. thanks for the follow doll !! i am following you back on GFC and on BLoglovin :) xx

  22. Happy New Year!

  23. happy new year! =D all the best in 2014!

  24. Such a great blog !! very nice!!!!!!!:)
    stunning post! i really love it!!!! follow each other?

  25. Can't wait to see more from you in 2014!

    Now following you on GFC & Bloglovin :)

  26. lovely, wish you a happy new year may it be filled with love, joy and peace. xo

  27. Fabulous outfits and lovely collaborations.

  28. Following you on bloglovin, you can follow back,cheers.
    Happy new year sweetie.

  29. Happy new year! and so sweet of u and ur bf!


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