Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coco Fashion clothes

Coco Fashion  is a store that lines up all the Asian fashion from around Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand and China. This is an online store that allows you to mix and match all their clothes with the latest upcoming trend that will hit the fashion the city. 
not only that, they offer a great affordable price for people around the world to buy. You can even purchase it wholesale with the best  price that suits the quality ( :

Coco fashion offers a wide variety of clothes you can choose from, there's even male clothes too! 
it's very rare to find a clothing store that offers male and female clothes. ( :
they even had trend collections, brand to choose from. 

here are all my favorite piece from Coco Fashion

black cut out t-shirt: 

Yeap, i've been wearing and buying lots of cut out top recently, i just find it sexy yet not that revealing! it's quite flirty and girly and really it just suits my liking. 

yes they even had shoes, amazing shoes i must say! really very glamorous and you can also choose from flats to stilettos too. 

with all the Korean wave going on that are spreading globally, of course everyone would get inspired to wear the trend of Korea. i just love this black lace dress that are quite flattering, with that skater look, it just emphasize your body. the lace added a touch of feminine. 
paired this with red hot lipstick, you're ready to go to a club house. 

every girl need a plain simple skater dress for casual day out, i love how coco fashion offers this at quite an affordable price too. 
this is quite Japanese style too

not only that, you get to view lots and lots of male clothing too!
okay, i pick this because every guy need a classic smart long sleeve shirt to go for formal occasion. 
there are lot's of category under Male clothing too. 
they have sweaters, tops, bottoms, shirts and even jackets. 
great for the christmast too. 

this was by far my favorite of all even though it's not winter here in Malaysia. 
i love dresses/skirts that are skater looking. this is quite Korean-ish though, but it's great for this Christmas, don't you think? 

well, why choose Coco-fashion ?
1. Quality Control
They make quality control for each item separately. Shipping department checks each item before packing, totally avoiding manufacturing defects. They care specially about sewing details and fabric quality.

2. Packing
They use durable poly bags, reinforced envelopes and boxes. They can be sure that ordered items will reach you in perfect condition.

3. Safe, registered parcel
Shipping method, we use, are registered, with tracking numbers. After parcel is sent - They provide tracking number and tracking website.

4. We update our offer everyday.
Over 100 new styles every week. Stable stocks. Thousands unique, top fashionable dresses, blouses, jackets and others. Newest collections from Asia countries, especially from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.

5. Hundreds products in full sizing
Beside clothing in ONE SIZE (free - universal size) They provide hundreds styles in following sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL.

6. Hundreds clients, blogger including recommend Coco Fashion. Latest bloggers and clients reviews:

so go check out the website now to see their clothes 



  1. Looks like a nice website :)

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  2. I really love that 4th picture! The pink dress is so adorable.


  3. Those gold platforms, that pink skater dress... ugh I love and want it all! I have never heard of coco fashions before, thankyou so much for sharing this post. I am definitely checking the website out after I post this. hey, it is never too late to add to my Christmas list right??? haha ;D

    I am a new follower of yours -- I love your blog! would you like to follow eachother via GFC and blogger as well? I've already followed you on both!!

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  4. great review, dear! it's probably a really nice shop)

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  5. I totally love your picks,they so cool. Nice website.

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  7. Oohhh I love this style of clothing, I'll have to check out the shop, thanks for the tip :-)

  8. Great post! I really love it!
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  9. They have some awesome stuff!!

  10. Loving those gold shoes!!

  11. The clothes they sell are really cute !! The black dress is really pretty *-* I will check out their store now ! :D Are you getting sponsored by them soon? I was really hoping to see you with one of these dresses in this post haha, they're just too cute :3


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  14. thank you for entering my giveaway! I like the sweaters on this website, thanks for sharing!

  15. they do have some cute some. thanks for sharing. will check this store out.

    xo, Carla


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