Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Langkawi Day two and three

okay our second day Langkawi trip started with a tour around the mangroves and we went to  a few sight seeing hot spots that are quite popular at Tanjung Rhu there. 

okay , here's the jetty we suppose to board the small boat to all our places of interest~
all 10 of use just have to fish out Rm28 per person for a 4 hour trip around the mangrove area.

around there we can see this beautiful scenic mountains~
first up is the eagle bay~ but it's a rainy day there, so we can only manage a glimpse of a few eagles flying around 

then there are a bunch of monkeys~ once they see food on your boat , they would swim towards it. 

Beautiful valley~

This was suppose to be called crocodile's cave. 
first when the boat man told us we're going to crocodile's cave, we were a bit freaked out, why? because we thought there will be live crocodiles! but then it turn out to be just a cave that looks like the inside of the crocodile mouth
and i couldn't see how it was called like that because i can't see the shape at all

One group photo! i really love group photos ( : it remembers the happy time and you remember them each time you view back photos for memories ( :
then later we went to Tanjung Rhu beach 
they said it's the most beautiful beach in Langkawi
but it's quite abandon there, a few cacausian strolling around and that's it
no jet skiing no activities or what so ever, it's pretty dead to me~

nah Tanjung Rhu~ half of the beach is close as a private beach, ~ but it still seem pretty private fully, because i don't see ANYONE other than us there~

our trip ended pretty briefly because it was raining heavily and the rain was like practically showering on all of us through out the way~ 
we went to the fish farm, but neither of us wanted to stay for lunch after looking at the fishes~

it was raining heavily when we drove back~ we decided to stop at hot spring hoping that it would be indoor~ but damn, it was pretty disappointing that their hot spring does not look like what i went to at Sabah's. 
Sabah's hot spring is da bomb! 
so neither of us wanted to go, so we went back home tired and exhausted in search for lunch~

We stop at this mall pretty near the ferry terminal, i forgot what is the mall name but it has brand's outlet so i guess it's not bad for a mall. 
they went to Mcdonald for lunch, but i wanted something special for me and Dan, why? because it's our 17th monthsary that day! wee~ it's not all the time we get to spent our monthsary together , but this is the one and only time we are able to be on vacation together that falls on this date!
so we went to papa rich (the only shop i can see in there== i do not have much choice right?)
everything was ok except my vegetarian glutinous rice. 
we even ordered the brownie ice cream two times! 

after lunch , which pretty much looked like tea time, we went to Pantai Cenang, the beach where everything goes alive at night~ pubs, street clubs and all sorts of beach activities are there. so yeah, we had fun 

we had fun burrying Alex ! hahaha, and even make him a body he can never have~ if you know what i mean XDD

Me posing with Mr. Famous~~ LOL!

late at night when everybody is waiting for everybody to bathe~
haha here's our bathing routine , we would race with each other to bathe, Dan always get the last one, poor him . haha

and when we are bored, there is this multiplayer game of four fat guys singing opera trying to bump each other off the stage ~ this is quite a fun game if you play with all your friends~

even later at night, we played some cards~
some would poke fun at others,
funny thing is that we had one whole living room outside, but we choose to cramp inside one room and play around. 

next day, since it's early, we stop by near the Jetty to have our last photoshoot. 

awwh, look what a real man does, he will carry your bag for you 
hee *love*

Then suddenly out pop three gay buddies ==''

a photo of the really nice scenery with somebody behind me as a prop ==

and everybody would want to have a shot with this eagle. 
it's what we expect to have a group photo with this eagle, but....

it turn out like this == we approached a teenage boy and this is what he shot for us. 

and here is some of the bloopers~
sorry i have loads more, but i seriously think something is wrong with my external disk. i need to go service it soon ~ ) :

look behind! hahahah

waiting for 45 minutes to ride the cable car~~ and we got bored and this is what happen ==

and it was raining so we didn't know where to put the umbrella, well, we found our umbrella holder finally . 

loving this trip with my friends and meeting a few new friends, ~ it was my first overnight trip after all, so everything was new to me~ 



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  6. wow. u were in dress on the last day!

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  10. What lovely photos! Looks like an incredible time!!

  11. What lovely photos! Looks like an incredible time!!

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