Saturday, December 21, 2013

Penang Street Art and interactive museum

hello, today i be blogging about my one day trip to Penang, the pearl of Malaysia. i live quite near there so ever since i'm on 9 months holiday (yeah that long!) i have been going to and fro to Penang like my second home already. But this trip is more special, why? because i'm going with Dan, my bestie Jovelle and her boyfriend. 
my main motive to go there was not to shop because i had done enough shopping at Penang before that, but to go to the street art mural and visit the newly open 3D interactive museum. 
(picture above was one of my favorites!)

okay we were lost in search of Mugshot cafe, but then it didn't turn up like we expected it to be. the shop people didn't even give a blink of an eye to us because why? there are more tourists there so who cares about the locals right? so slightly disappointed we went to First avenue and had our heavy breakfast there. 
we leave Jovelle and her boyfriend to shop while me and Dan went back to street art and had my dream come true . haha

first shot of it. 
i was also disapointed, why? because some popular street art like the two children on a swing, two man on a motorbike, the one with the basketball, a giant cat, the one on a trishaw and many more. 
Dan was so tired, he keep complaining that he sweats so i didn't want to bug him to walk more ~

listening to the voice of Penang~

The lion dance, very famous for chinese new year occassion

i bet a lot of hello kitty fan would go HEY! i want to pose with that too!

Hello! awwh, this was the first minion painted around here. haha

i don't mind getting my face dirty, lol!

and i notice alot of this black metal thing around the whole place, but a lot of people ignore it , i don;t understand why, i think it's pretty cool. 

look! there's even a vintage toy museum, of course i didn't go in because i didn't have much time. 

crayon sin chan!

Dan shoot at a very bad angle, 
okay, why no Dan picture here? haha because he's very shy and there are A LOT of tourist there, so many until you have to take turns to snap a picture. 
Later on we meet up with Jovelle and her bf at Gurney Drive. While waiting for her, me and Dan spotted a toy machine where you have to play the machine to grip on the toy. 
there are two machines that cater for BIG toys. i was eyeing on one big fat minion, but after one try (cost us Rm2) we couldn't get that fat minion out because it's too heavy. 
so we went to try the small soft toys and yeah, this blue little guy was caught just after the second try. 

then i went shopping for awhile, Dan bought me two blouses for Chinese New Year instead for Christmas and i bought him one shirt as a christmas gift in return. 

Then we went to eat at BBQ plaza, i didn't know it is from Thailand until i heard the worker greeting customers with "sawadeeka"
the food was ok, but the bacon was beyond awesome. I LOVE BACON! but the only thing weird was, how come they give us soup that taste like plain tap water?
that's because IT IS JUST PLAIN WATER. 
or did we forgot to add in anything to it? 
like literally the udon noodles just taste disgusting with plain water as soup =..=

then it's time to split up again with my babe. 
because she wanted to shop for new year clothes and i wanted to go to the museum . 
so here we go again. 

at the main entrance of the museum, snapping picture with this is still free!

hi Dan,
well i forgot to bring my identification card so after rendering with the girl at the counter that i'm a Malaysian, she finally closed one eye and let me pass with Rm10 as admission fee. 

The herritage of Penang~

but! people go to this museum with one good reason, to pose with their 3D looking art! wee, me with the coconut and a badly snap shot by Dan again =..=

the great canon bomb! bOOM
not much people there, why? because it's 30 minutes before closing when we're there. 
which is a good thing, we do not have to wait for our turn to snap photos. 

The mirror effect, awwh so sweet =..=
Dan, you're suppose to hold the luggage trolley, not play with the ghost's head =..=


Durian. the king of Malaysia's fruit. 
i don't eat Durian nor can i even stand the smell of it. haha

oh you got to love this. 
how's the effect? pretty cool huh? wonder how we got this shot taken? 
we were actually lying  down the floor and the person ask us to lift our leg to look even real . 

nah nah, we're not getting married so calm down . haha Dan posted this on his facebook and literally the 'likes' had more than we expected to. 
it be even more if he dare tag my name in that picture, haha but i'm still keeping it low profile though~ many relatives in my facebook, i don't want them to stalk around. 

Dan, do you even know who he is? haha

no i don't know who he is even if i look closer. 

this is also quite a nice shot taken by one of the workers there. 
i look really tiny right? haha

yay! Snap shot with Lim Guan Eng~ haha 

well i had a great trip there, i appreciate Dan for driving me back home in one piece, because before even reaching Penang, he had complaint that he's so tired. why? because he went to watch The Hobbit with his dudes at midnight and show ended around 1.30 in the morning =..=
well, i make sure to keep him awake by singing at the top of my voice when we drove back. i even slapped  him to keep him awake. HAHAHA~ we went back literally broke, so we shared a pot of claypot and i complain it's not enough for me =..='
but anyway, thanks for everything Dan. from bringing me to here there and everywhere and snapping pictures for me even though i know it's a very tedious job  to snap me all the time. 

well then, after two days, mummy was so bored so Dad wanted to bring her go street art too. i had plans that afternoon with my Kolej's friends, but i sacrifice for mummy's sake because she is not feeling well these days. 
so we went in to the museum again =..=
like why am i here again 
but i miss this shot, so yeah, here you go! this is quite an intelligent shot, but hey, i ain't telling the secret on how we manage to snap this, go check it out yourself (( :

it was so burning hot that day, so yeah, we didn't go for any street art, just this wall and Chew Jetty for some shots. 

Chew Jetty~

What i wore that day~ hee 
top: Room 11 
Bottom: Charlotte Mckay
Flats: Brands Outlet
Necklace: Sammydress

where to find this interactive museum? here's the add
  • No.3 Pengkalan Weld
  • 10300 George Town, Malaysia
  • opening time : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
  • its' just right opposite the jetty ( :



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  4. so banyak thing to see in Penang lo~

  5. This is such fun artworks. You look so pretty hun, love the dress.

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  8. actually there is story behind each of the mural arts, i didnt even go have a walk there to hunt for those street arts tho :/. and the black metal things is history of stuffs. ex, i've read abt history of Wan Tan Mee before. haha. :)

  9. The museum looks so fun!
    Those wall illustrations look really nice :)
    Your outfits are so pretty! Love the dress you're wearing on the first picture <3

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  13. Wow, looks like you had an awesome time at Penang!! I'd love to go to Malaysia someday!! Part of my family is also from there:) The food looks soo good haha and OMG, that museum looks so fun and your pictures are so funny and cute.. I love the mirror effect and all of them!! You guys are adorable! I really want to go to the museum... and so lucky you have 9 months of touring!! By the way, very cute clothes!! :) I'd love if we can follow each other! <3 You're so cute, so I'm following you now on gfc and bloglovin! :) hope you can follow back~

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  14. So many amazing photos! It looks so much fun! I would love to take pics there!
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  22. I really must drop by the museum the next time I'm in Penang, looks so fun! :D


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