Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Langkawi with friends! Day one

Our last group photo!(failed because it didn't capture the eagle behind us)

Oh how i wish this trip won't end so fast! this is my first overnight trip with my friends, and yes, i have to admit i only know three people out of 10. one is my boyfie, one is my second cousin and another is his girlfriend. 
and a few of them were tuition mates which i haven't had proper conversation with them yet. 
but they were ever so friendly so i feel at ease ( :

Our first group shot at Kuala Kedah Jetty Terminal!
we woke up so early! like i can barely even open my eyes, we missed the 7.30 ferry like we had planned to, so we got the 8.15 morning ferry instead. 

we reached after 1 hour and 30 minutes, really got sea sick because the ferry was small. 
we waited for this homestay uncle who is also in charged of our transport. We had one Vios and one Saga. of course everybody wanted the new car, vios, and we got it! wee!

Then the uncle bring us to this vegetarian shop which is for charity, eat whatever you can and pay whatever you can afford. Those money is for donation and it's a good cause, it seems like he was one of the partners in opening this shop. 

Then we arrived to our cosy homestay. it was one of the shop houses, but hey! i didn't know it was so comfy and it feels like home! i could lay all day without budging! 
there are three bedroom . (picture above is one of the girls' bedroom)

My room sharing with two other girls! don't worry if it's only a queen size bed, this homestay had plenty of extra beds you can think of! large, medium and small! and plenty of pillows too!

This is the boys' bedroom. Four of them will be sleeping here.

the kitchen without the stove. haha, very cosy, but we didn't use it, except the fridge and washing machine. haha the boss asked how old are we to see if we're even legal to drink, so he didn't give us any free wine or something. 
apparently he thinks we are still too young to drink. 

Damn i look fat and i'm so badly dressed! well, anything for feeling comfortable.
First stop we went is the Underwater world! it's my first time entering this even though i had just came to Langkawi last three months ago. 

our group photo!
this place is huge! honestly if i ever compare this with the one at Singapore, yes, the Sea Aquarium at singapore, i think this underwater world in Langkawi is still the best. 
no kidding, they have more species of fishes here, and so much variety. 
comparing with this (pic below)
this is the one in Singapore, the biggest aquarium in the world. but ya, even if it's big, it lacks of fishes that can WOW us. 

this was the first reptile on display. 

then this odd looking fish that looks like alligators. 

say cheese!
and for each theme, they have this chain curtains to divide us, we have to wipe our shoes clean at the carpet to keep the environment clean.

then there's flamingo! 
erm, it's flamingo right?

a little selfie at the mini aquarium. 

then there's this cute mammals. okay, everything here at this section is non-cage. so there's also this green monitor lizard running freely everywhere ==

But this is the station that i am eager to see it!
i pictured those penguins at madagascar, but nah, these are African Penguins. They just sleep there and laze whole day without moving. 

a pose with this pretty girl, Huey Huey. 
see? the happy feet penguin look so cute

Then there 's another type of penguins! This particular penguin entertain us with his swim while the rest just laze around. 
this penguin is the Happy Feet type, yup, the animated movie Happy feet with the whisker type around it's head. 

knock knock, please wake up. 

then we had a pose, haha i'm so short and weird looking. 

a few shots, of weird looking creatures, this look more like a shrimp to me. 

salamander? nah, this looks like one of the pokemon character.

stingray which had some kind of sad yet funny face . they call him Penyet, because he's so flat. 

The sharks

and then there is this HUGGGE  fish, like literally so huge you can fit your whole body inside his mouth. 

snap snap with Yi Hui  ((:

Giant eels. 


posing what seems to be the penguin home. but no penguins there, they are above us sleeping in their little icy house. 

Mr. Seal

Mr. Duckmouth trying to act macho. haha

Next stop we went to the cable car! The first thing you should do when you go to Langkawi is to sit their cable car. 
it's so steep,  and i still feel the thrill after sitting it second time. 

yiii so gay! hahaha
Ang and Alex. 

The view

The wind was so strong that time, i can picture myself lifting up in the air being thrown against the wind. but of course, i ain't that thin! 
the scenery there is still that forever breath taking. 

our group photo, everybody had their shampoo hair  commercial moment. haha
later it started to rain, like damn! we didn't even have enough umbrellas for 10 of us. we were soaked , and ya, we had to spent a few dollars to buy umbrellas. stupid umbrella, didn't even withstand the whole thing after the third day!

Later we went to Uncle Jai cafe to eat. the food is not bad, i like their chicken, and it's pretty convenient since we just had to walk there. 

okay, so this is my first day at Langkawi! at night, nobody can sleep! people were running around each other's room complaining on how to sleep. 
The wifi for the homestay is so strong too, so nobody cares about sleeping. 
then we played a few cards, a few multiplayer virtual mobile game about four fat guys singing and trying to bump each other off the stage, 
and the girls were busy figuring how to make the washing machine work. 

really fun , i slept at 3 in the morning because i just couldn't sleep!
after 3 hours of  sleep we finally had to wake up and get prepared for day two. 

to be continue~~



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