Friday, December 13, 2013

Bloop nail strip and nail polish sent by Hishop

Hello! i'm so glad to be chosen as Bloopbuddyz via Hishop to review on Bloop upcoming campaign~ Party nails! 
Hishop boxes had filled one section of my closet now and i do hope it won't be infested by white ants soon. 
so here's the stuff inside my box (( :

tadaa! well i have to say that this wasn't the first time i'm using Bloop nails product. i have tons of their nail polishes at home and i didn't have the chance to use it because that time i was still schooling. now i'm officially graduated, so it is time for me to beautify my nails!

first up is two nail strip 
you can get this 3 packs for only Rm38 

 inside the box, they will give u a nail file too ~

next product is their nail polish, you can get three bottles of this with the price of Rm28 

Here's an explanation of why my nails are so short and stumpy. 
1st. i'm still a student
2nd. i played three musical instrument. the piano, the violin and the guitar. yes i know some of you may say that guitar needs long fingernails, but not for the left hand! you can't press any strings with long fingernails!
i once leave long fingernails and happily went to violin lesson during the holiday, and my violin teacher shook his head at the sight of it~
but now i had also "graduated" from music school, i think it is time to gear up my nails. 

the nail strip~
how to nail it with bloop?
1st. make sure your nails are clean before using it
2nd. choose the best strip and remove the protective layer
3rd. Align and place the nail strip on to the nail
4th. Rub the strip over the nail (from centre to the sides)
5th. press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail
6th. use a nail file and file off the excess strip in downward motion
7th. rub striped nails again to remove any excessive bubbles
8th. if you want it to last longer, apply a layer of bloop top coat nail polish 

make sure the round end are to be placed facing the cuticle. 

rub rub rub

and there you go~~
now let's try another nail strip on my left hand

i like this the best because it's so shinning and girly~

yes as i forgotten to mention above, remove protective layer

it's really oversize for me ==
you can cut the excessive edge if it's too big. 
and then use the nail file to file off the excess strip in downward motion

there you go, this is so much better i think . haha 

so the nail strip lasted about four days and after that my nails started to strip naked by itself . LOL what kind of phrase is that. haha,
so i get the chance to try on their lovely nail polish

oo so orange-y red!

so what do i think about this?
well, so far so good, i like their nail polish the best, because yes, i had viewed all sorts of colors they had and it has all the color that i want. It also had a high drying effect, and it's quite smooth .  
the nail strip is a bit too oversize for all my little fingers, so i have to put extra work on doing some cutting and all. 
but as the saying say, no pain no gain right? 

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*this was sent to me for review purpose, however it does not affect my opinion on the products*

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  1. woow,so fast! Seem like many people getting orange color :D

  2. congrats to the winner! and nice nailss!

  3. oh they look great!!!

  4. hahaha why you covered your face so cute LOL~


  6. The nail art looks so pretty! Have a warm and splendid weekend dear!

  7. Wow..lovely stuff :)

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  8. Super cute designs!! thats way easier then manual nail art. they look great too :)

  9. Great post !Would you like to follow each other?

  10. Ohhhh my it looks so easy and fun~! I might be the laziest person ever to do nail art and such and my nail polish won't stay in my nails for more than a week too (they chip and I don't have the heart to fix them) haha!
    With this I am really interested to do it again~ Now, probably XD

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  12. Thanks for visiting my blog ; ) Cool stuff!

  13. OMG I tried nail strips before, totally failed...... U are such a trooper!!! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  14. I really want to try nail strips! I haven't seen the Bloop ones before but I always see people blogging about the Sally Hansen ones! x

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  15. ohh thats great.. i nevr used thses nail art before but after your pix, im gonna do it

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  18. cute nile art and easy to wear :D


  19. haahhahaha think you'd need to file them properly.. its kinda cute on you tho x

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  22. They look easy to do! Great and detailed review :)

    - Che

  23. love ur nail !! :DD

  24. Nail strips are very simple and easy to apply ^^
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