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DressV : Graceful short bridesmaid dress

Want to find your dream wedding dress at affordable prices ? want to find all sorts of special designs and all sorts of variety wedding dresses? 
are you attending one of your best friend's wedding? or are you finding brides maid dresses for all your lovely brides maid? i am finding one myself because i'm just so excited that my sister is getting married soon next year! my mum had already been searching high and low for nice dresses, and then i happen to view this wonderful site called DressV which offers not only affordable wedding dresses, but also bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses (wow, this is so suitable for my mum), flower girl dresses and even wedding accessories! 

not only that, they even had special occasion dresses from prom dress, to evening dress to even office dresses. 
they even sell shoes, lingerie , wigs too!, bags and jewelries. 
everything you can name off!

this is my dream wedding dress, i always wanted a train wedding dress and also wear a veil to keep it princess like (: what say you?
(pictures are all clickable, click to see the full detail)
Elegant Slight A-Line Strapless Train dress

okay seeing that this is going to be focusing on Bridesmaid dresses, here's a few of my favorites from DRESSV. 
( : 

Graceful Short Bridesmaid dress

Modern A-Line Knee Length Sweetheart Strapless Bridesmaid Dress
now let's head on to Bridesmaid dresses, which is what i am looking and searching for. I always like strapless beacuse it just look really elegant . i like the cutting of this dress, A-line make you look younger. 
of course when you're the bridesmaid, you don't want to stand out better thatn the bride, but hey, simplicity still make you look fresh and clean yet still elegant. ( :

Sasha A-Line Sweetheart Prom Dress
DressV also offers long bridesmaid dresses! well, any of this lovely bridesmaid dresses can be worn as prom dress too~ there's no rule to tie you down, this looks lovely with that pastel color. 
just soften your look. 

not only that, they even had dresses for the bride's mum too! it's every mother's proud moment and yes, they need to wear their best too. 
so this is quite suitable for middle aged women who didn't want to reveal too much skin but yet still look like she is elegant and classy. 

lovely pastel yellow color just right for the bridesmaid dress ( :

shipping time of DressV takes about 3-8 business days via EMS or 2-4 days via DHL. 
it also varies where you are located at
while processing time may take up to 3-15 working days. 
you can also track your order and see when you will expect your wonderful package. 

Check out DressV short bridesmaid dress:

good news, they are having up to 85% off for christmas season for another 7 days! so hurry up! 



  1. Very nice wedding dress that photo #1!

  2. Great review! Love the first weeding dress and the lace LBD. Really gorgeous!

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

  3. My favourite dress is the red dress. It's just so dramatic. hehehe Hopefully it will still be in style when I get another 10 or so years. LOL

  4. My favourite dress is the red dress. It's just so dramatic. Hopefully it will still be in style when I get married in another 10 or so years.LOL

  5. All these beautiful dresses! AGHHH! <3 (: Happy holidays doll!

  6. These dresses are so pretty! I love the pink chiffon dress the most :)

  7. The dresses look awesome! I totally fell in love with the fourth & fifth one. Wanna have those in my closet haha.


  8. the first one is beautiful


  9. Também achei! rs! ;)

    Adorei a sua seleção de vestidos!

    Feliz Natal pra você!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  10. hi! its okay if you dont have a pinterest to enter the giveaway! you can do all of the other tasks and still be considered for the giveaway

  11. I love the first dress!!

  12. Nice!
    Oasap giveaway - 2winners each $30

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  14. Great post lovely dresses. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Merry Christmas

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  16. This is one of the good one wedding dress. It so elegance. All wedding party need to be plan well with theme colour. Its included hand made card for venue decorating and match with Bridesmaid Dresses colour.


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