Sunday, December 15, 2013

Google Friends connect alive or dead?

Google Friends Connect is known as GFC for short, and most of the bloggers are using this to follow blogs and to have their followers. 
which is really heart breaking when last night, GFC wasn't working anymore!
imagine if you have 2000+ followers of all your hard work just poof! vanish out of your sight. 

of course, Some bloggers do not need Followers to proof their blog is well worthy to be read ~
why have 2000+ followers and yet you have hardly 100 views per day right?
what matters is who read your blog and not how many people follow you just because they wanted you to follow back right?

BUT, on the other hand a list of followers on your blog also shows how capable of you to attract people outside to follow you, 
so it is just up to your needs ~ what do you want for your blog
and some Sponsorship will ask for your followers on your blog, it matters more to them then the views, so of course we still need to be attached to any 'follow' widgets that are available. 

Other than GFC, we have BLOGLOVIN, which are what bloggers out there are opting to switch to after GFC had been rumored to be closed down since 2011 , like seriously, now is 2013, and it hasn't been shut down at all YET.

until last night, my blog didn't  show any of 642 followers anymore. 
i feel for those who had 1000+ followers, are they going to start from 0 again at Bloglovin?
GFC is more convenient than any other follow widgets. 

1. once you go to your dashboard you can automatically see your following list, and you may be able to read all your favorite blog posts easily without opening another link to bloglovin ~

2. All your follower's profile is all there inside your blog! other bloggers would be able to view their profile easily and view their blog~

3. it has already been the norm for all bloggers to use GFC and  it is quite hard for us to adapt into another new widget. and GFC goes together with your blogspot, it's from the same company so why detach from it?

so the question is, is GFC stil alive or not? 
because today it is activated again! but it's just making us doubting it again. 
are we going to use it some more after what had happen last night?

or ..
stick our head to a new follow widget
like bloglovin

i'm going to play it safe even though it mean i have to start from 0

follow me via Bloglovin

follow me via clicking this link, and i follow back
(if i like your blog)

One thing when i am going through all my lovely comments from my readers, 
i don't mind follow to follow , if i really like your blog, i will follow you so don't worry, 
but i really dislike those whom didn't pay the least attention on what i'm posting and just pop a comment into my blog asking me to follow her.
just like that, 
a comment is used to comment on the post i'm blogging~
so eventually i either just ignore that comment and didn't even bother to view her back . 
i think it's pretty rude to do such thing 




  1. well a lot of bloggers complained yesterday, mine stopped showing too, all of a sudden it's on my blog this morning again :/

  2. Aye, didn't noticed it went down last night lol. But I prefer to read via GFC instead of Bloglovin' since I rarely open it haha >.> if it closes down, imagine giveaways happening and not many people knew about it?! Haha.

  3. lol, doesn't matter still blog loh for whining in me~ T.T

  4. In my dashboard sometimes the feed is empty (and I wasn't surprised, doesn't it happen often?) My bloglovin isn't as good, I put a bloglovin widget for a year few years ago and not even one more blogger follow me there >< I guess I am gonna stick on GFC though, I almost never open Bloglovin so I don't put my BL widget :> If you have sponsorships and are opening for it, I think you should really widen your networks through other social networks, fb fanpage, bloglovin, twitter account, etc because it's really important for your sponsorships! But I never do any sponsorships so all visitors that come to my blog are just daily readers who kaypoh-ing my life and also some lost people... Haha

    Also, I'm not the type that can cope up with many things at once. Even social networks, I only mainly do blogger and the other social networks are dying XD haha

    Anyway, followed you on your bloglovin! :3

  5. Yeah, I don't like that too about other bloggers spamming my blogs just to get me to follow. And then when you've already followed them you won't see them on your blog anymore. :(

  6. I read that somewhere on Twitter too that it was shut down for a day and omg I freaked out and was so desperate LOL It's so sad to start from 0 but I'm happy it's working again. I followed you on bloglovin lol. And YES I AGREE!! I hate it when people just comment on my blog with 'Are you interested in following each other? *inserts bloglink*' and don't even leave a comment to your blog post, like they didn't even read it sajkskdfjskadf This seriously makes me don't want to check out their blog >~< LOL


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