Sunday, December 1, 2013

My OOTD and weekly updates

exam had ended last thursday and i was so happy! i thought i will be free, but truth to be told, i was busy like a mad horse. not only do i have to solve my violin lessons problem, i have to clear and pack all my stuff. 
(clear my books away and pack for my upcoming Langkawi trip first time with my friends!) 
Here's what i wore that thursday for a dinner date with my Dan! (finally get to date him after 2 freaking months! it was so torturing back then!)

Black mickey mouse sweater : OASAP fashion store
Skirt: Emcee Couture
Shoes: Nine West
cute socks: Hatyai

my fat face. no, pizza face! no, frying pan!

So i'm still in dilemma whether to take music or not. Honestly i don't mind taking contemporary, but NUS music audition sought for classical. it just kills my mood off, i had never talk on liking classical at all, even when i bang on the piano or violin, it was something out from the radio, not from those baroque period. zzz As usual, it just kills my interest off, i seriously do not want to stuck playing these songs for the rest of the four years (even if they say i can shift my genre after that) ya, good luck in keeping great score for classical before i can shift into that! huh!

  are you talking to me?

sorry readers, i will have to abandon my blog for four days while i go Langkawi. i know i know, no big deal when i'm still in the same state in my country, but big deal for me, because it's my first time going with my friends without my parent! *bounce bounce bounce*
 but i'm quite tight budget nowadays, i don't know how am i going to survive there. 
lucky me and Dan saved rm2 daily for the past three months so we emptied our "love money box" for this trip. 
i really think every couple should practice this even if it's only a small amount of money. 

and this is one of the reason why i'm so broke too . 
like literally i just say YES to the salesgirl without asking the price, and when i knew the price i swallowed my saliva. 

five colored eye liner from CLIO. 
yaya, not expensive for five eye liners, but truth is i only want ONE! yes! i only want one beige color eye liner, and the salesgirl recommended me how about buying five in a pack? so literally i just wasted four freaking eye liner without having the intention to use it. 
(i'm shy shy in saying 'no' to her, so i can only blame myself for being too coward)
other than that,

(my slouchy face~gah, i don't like this picture of me, but have to put it because match with boyfie, his face also looked weird because he closed his eyes)
another reason why i'm broke, because of sushi king too, and ya, Dan wanted to pay all for me, but i know he is saving for a new phone and his wallet is not printing machine for money either,he is still a student and not working yet, surviving on pocket money is not enough too,  so i handed over my share .(well i think i only pay 20% share, so what am i complaining about actually ah? haha)

say hi to my pizza face again!

tomorrow hopefully i can get to watch Hunger Games! zzz it's been a week of being outdated, and damn hunger game! i never love any sequel after Harry Potter series ended! this was the only movie i went ballistic over the sound of it. gah~!

but why am i complaining when...

I just saw him!! how can he died in just a blink of an eye? Paul Walker is (or maybe was?)the main cast of Fast and Furious series. 
okay, honest speaking when i see people update their status about Paul Walker being dead, i thought it was another fake news, like Justin Bieber has cancer, Beyonce dead, or blah blah. Then i googled up and ya, he died from a car crash (NOT overdose of drugs!)

Rest in peace, Paul, everybody is sadden at your death. 
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  4. You look cute..and ya can you believe it Paul Walker dead godddd

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  9. very cute, you're so lovely, i'm very sad when read the news PAUL WALKER dead.I'm loyal fans of the series

  10. you look really cute and I think you both look so cute together! :D The clothes you're wearing are pretty as always haha :> And I honestly didn't know much about Paul Walker but he must have been a really good actor if everyone liked him so much :O But anyways, thanks for sharing your posts, Ann ~ hehe c:

  11. Paul.. :c I loved him!
    oh no,i love him still :c

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  18. Super cute outfit!
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  19. Love your #ootd! And yea, sad news regarding Paul Walker, more heart breaking to see posts by his daughter :(


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