Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mega Alpha HER hygiene Cleanser by Hishop

Hello readers! i'm here to review again on Hishop's product again! 
this time, it's for the girls! and yes, SPECIALLY for the girls. why? 
well it's Mega Alpha HER hygiene cleanser meant to love your V Area ( : 
seriously, our V area is very important because it is quite sensitive it is the most likely area to get bacteria and be infected. So, girls, you should start paying attention what you use to wash for your intimate area ( :

Sorry for the crumpled brochure, well , they didn't sent the pink box this time, so ya, you can practically imagine how this thing arrive without the box ~ so here's a brief description of what it is ( : 

Her Hygiene Cleanser Intimate Cleanser can help to prevent change to the balance off the organisms in the vagina, this due to its Natural Antiseptic plant based properties which help to promote the vagina's natural acidic pH balance.
 Under normal conditions the vagina has a pH balance of between 3.8 - 4.2 pH and is colonized by good bacteria (lactobacilli) which helps provide a defense against infection.
Lactobacilli help maintain vaginal acidity by producing lactic acid, whereby providing the vagina inhospitable for many other micro-organisms.

 Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser main ingredients: 
Eucalyptus Essential Oil is Anti-fungal, important antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties  Aloe Vera Extract is Anti-itch, soothes irritated skin keeps skin moisturized, promote healing and anti-inflammatory. Also suitable for men. -

  •  No SLS & SLES - pH 3.5 to 4.0 
  • - Suitable for Hypo-allergenic 
  • - Super Moisturizing
  •  - Help to preserve viginal area eco-system. 
  • - Paraben-free and alcohol-free,

Direction of use: 
1. Wet area (you know which area )  , pour small amount onto hand (about the size of a 20 cent coin) and apply, then rinse thoroughly after about 1 minute
simple ~

and in the box there will be a small pamphlet . This cleanser is suitable for ladies of all ages . and hey, it can also removes armpit odour! i didn't know intimate cleanser can do that , haha. 
anyway, seeing that most of my readers are all around my age group, their biggest concern will be when they are menstruating~ i just don't like how messy it will be when we are all having those kind of days, you just feel dirty and lousy and everything is like volcano below. 
so this is how intimate cleanser works, it helps to prevent bacteria and make things below fresher and cleaner 

since it is meant for your V area, i will NOT post any indecent pictures out ~ 
so i will try on the hand to show my readers how it actually looks like ~
the scent is quite strong though, smells like mint with a hint of oilment-like scent . (maybe it is because of the Eucalyptus Essential Oil, but because of the mint, it's very refreshing 

rub rub rub and foam starts to form 

Rinsing it out~ it's quite moisturizing too hahah for the hand! 
it is meant to be moisturized of course, because you need to keep the PH balance for your area.

A collage of my hand 
using Mega Alpha HER hygiene Cleanser by Hishop ( :

so my opinion on this intimate hygiene cleanser is that it's really very refreshing with that minty feeling you have that kept you feeling clean and confident all throughout the day. 
The scent is quite strong for me, but after a few minutes, it started to smell quite soothing though ( :

If you want more information on this product, do head on to 
you can buy 2 of the bottle and you will get  1 bottle free!

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*DISCLAIMER: this was sent to me for review purpose, all opinions was honest*


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