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Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser from Hishop

This month, i am given the chance to review Hishop product again as a courtesy of being their brand ambassador. 
Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser 100ml for Rm80.91 after a 10% discount from the usual price Rm89.90 (mind you the promotion only last for November and December, so get the product fast if you think it's worth it.)

Before i start my review here's the  ingredient of this product:

Chamomile: Chamomile extracts contains active flavonoid compound that are particularly advantageous in the care of sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antioxidant properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and suppress the visible signs of aging. In addition, it shows remarkable vasodilator action, augmenting blood flow to the skin and soothing of irritation.

Matricaria Recutita Oil: Also known as German Chamomile oil, is a traditional medicinal herb in European Pharmacopoeia that has the strongest anti-inflammatory compound from the daisy family. Its active organic compound of Azulene is highly potent for soothing and healing troubled skin. (this seem new to me, never heard of it, sounds special)

Algae Peptides: Contains hydroxyproline, an amino acid that increases the quantity of protein collagen in skin, cause tightening and the appearance of firmer skin. Its natural moisturizing factor drenches skin with extra moist and suppleness.
Green Tea: Contains loads of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that support the process of differentiation and maturation of keratinocytes, ensuring a strong Stratum corneum that enhance skin protection and control sebum secretion.
Panthenol: Also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, it soothes, moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It fights free radicals and promotes healing of tissue and healthier cells regeneration. (whoa, this is the first time i ever use product with Panthenol inside)
Content: 100ml / 3.33 fl. oz.
Scent: Natural Gin Tea (yup, i can totally feel that)
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
Apply sufficient amount of cleansing gel (without water) on face and leave for 20 second until bubbles are formed. Massage gently and rinse off with tepid water.
Purified Water, Chamomile Extract, Matricaria Oil, Algae Peptides, Green Tea Extract, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Glycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Panthenol, Carbomer, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Methyl Gluceth-20, Stearalkonium Chloride, Triethanolamine
Tadaa, i've have this box for four times already and i never throw it, i keep it nicely in my closet till my mum was saying "we don't have room for this anymore" and i say NO way am i going to dispose it! One box is to keep all those products empty boxes (the products of course will be kept in my beauty drawer) another box is to keep all those wonderful discounts and vouchers while the other two boxes is to keep it as a remembrance. 
another best thing of is that they will give you this box regardless of the size of your product is. 

the inside of the box. 

the small little card that was attached with the product. 
here are the benefits of this lovely oxygen bubble cleanser
·         Gently removes impurities, makeup and excessive sebum, leaving skin fresh and bright. (yeap you shall see my test on this after you scroll down)
·         Enhances cell regenerative process with a boost of oxygen into the epidermal layers.
·         Effectively maintain skin’s pH balance, prevent inflammation and sensitivity.
·         Attracts and maintain moisture, keeping skin hydrated all the time.
·         Promotes collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. (too young to know that yet, haha)
·         Inhibit sun damage caused by UV rays, lightens and brightens skin complexion.
Neuzell Oxygène Bubble Cleanser Infuse your skin in oxygenated purified water enriched with natural Chamomile, Green Tea, Algae and Matricaria oil extracts that cleanse, moistens and whitens your skin. It is great for detoxification! and nope! it has those ingredients which are suitable for acne prone skin, so don't worry
okay, first up i test it with various kind of make up. 
first from the top to the bottom
1. Clio waterproof color eyeliner
2. Maybeline Shine silver eyeshadow
3. RMK eye palette brown shades
4. Skin food waterproof gel eyeliner
5.K-palette super waterproof pen eyeliner (mind you this was so waterproof i can't even use water to wipe it off completely)
(sorry for the tangled string i wore on my hand, it's for religious purpose) 
okay the minute i pump this bubble cleanser (nope, you don't need any water at all, just use it dryly) all the eye shadow submerge cleans off without further rubbing of the gel. 

After rubbing it for 20 seconds, bubble started to form, i thought, hmm, my waterproof eyeliner will not work with this, maybe it will leave some residue behind or what. 

Hey it does work!After cleaning the bubble foam up with a facial cotton wipes, it looks like this! the stubborn K-palette eyeliner was also scrape off like some vanishing cream or something. well except for a slight hint of my Clio eyeliner, everything was clean. 
Let's compare!
well it just happen i was wearing make up too. (ignore that slight pimple bump on my cheekbone, just happen to have one of those days. haha)
CC cream, foundation and blusher on my face will totally clog my pores if i did not wash it off thoroughly. So i want to try it out on my face. 

this is going to be scary~ LOL!okay, so i have to pump quite a lot of time so that it is enough to cover my big face. and yeah, i do believe it took longer time for the bubble to form than the hand though. And it wasn't that bubbly (is that how you put it? hahah) as the hand , maybe it's in a different surface?

yeap, look at my cotton wipes after scraping it off, work just like a makeup remover, 
but it works much more than a make up remover~ 

and this is the after picture. 
my eye become smaller (well, my eyeliner was washed off good as new)
my face suppose to be darker because i was putting CC cream and foundation, so if you remove it, your skin will be darker right? i see that my skin tone has not change much, so does it mean it brightens my skin?
but there's a slight hint of my blusher, but overall, i think it's quite fine. 

let's compare.  
hmmm~~ where did my orange lips go? haha
okay let's make a checklist out of this

1. Does it removes impurities, sebum and make up? oh yes, as you can see i had just did a human test on it

2. Does it maintain moisture and keep your skin hydrated everytime? i wouldn't say a long period, but it does when you apply it on your skin

3. Does it reduce lines and wrinkles? this i can't answer it yet, haha, i can't test it though

4. Does it soothes your skin? uhuh

5. Does it maintain skin's PH balance that prevent inflammation and sensitivity?
so far so good, my pink pimple bump on the left cheekbone had subsided today (one day after this picture were taken)

my rating would be 4/5!
i like that it removes my make up like a real makeup remover, and how i feel that it soothes up the skin after applying it. It's also good for those who feel that it's troublesome to splash cold water on your face just to rinse off your makeup or residue, because this could be use without water and yet produce bubble foams. 

Last but not least, i would like to thank Hishop Malaysia for this, giving me so many chances now to review on their wonderful products. Of course not forgetting Mabel for selecting me too. 

*Disclaimer: this was for a review purpose,but all thoughts and opinions are real*

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