Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What i bought , what i splurge, my shopping spree

 Brands outlet! i use to love shopping of their accessories.
so i bought two of the lovely ribbons (there are hell loads of other colour, if only i had more money, i would have bought every colour each)
each of the ribbon cost Rm12.90 and the sweet pink (they call it macaroon colour) cost me Rm69.90
and the red white hair band is from F.O.S
Rm13 which i suddenly think back, I"M HELL OF A SHIT TO BUY SUCH A TINY WEENY THING FOR RM13

i LOVE KITSCHEN SOOOO DAMN MUCH!! ahaham, the left grey blouse, i bought it in Gurney and the left skirt (for my photoshoot) at Queensbay.
grey blouse : Rm39.90
skirt: Rm69.90
yar, i purposely bought the skirt just for the shoot, because it is not meant to wear go out for casual. Its long at the back, and short infront, so its more couture looking.
and dang, the male clothing over there look kinda attractive too.

for a few pairs i must use it wisely , because its really costly..
once you bathe, the whole thing will come off already, so i must only use it on special occasion or long day event only.

 FourSkin <3
i bought the earrings.
three for Rm10 only..
 i saw loads of headband, but the colour doesn't suit any of my clothes.
but they had lots of male loafers over there, if only they had my size, i don't mind buying it.
i wanna try to be androgynous for once.

I bought this, finally!!
Philips, 13 heat styler, 5 hairstyles
i went to search for curling tongs, and all the shopkeeper show me one curling tong that cost Rm78 for one stick ==
i might as well buy a lot of heads with a price of Rm129
so i bought this.
i haven't tried it yet though~hopefully it works
i have loads of hair care product, so i won't worry if i over heat my so-called virgin hair

*glee like a big fat pig*
okok, i must put a stop to shopping now..this has been really too much for one day


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