Wednesday, May 23, 2012

trying to grow up

so what if i like to camwhore?
So what if i like to dress up?
So what if i like to be sooo full of myself that i forgot everybody beside me?
i am who i am, so what?
anyway i do not have any plans for these two weeks holiday.
I just need to get myself a nice perfect dress for this 7th of June photoshooting competition, held in Taman Golf. ==''
seriously, i dare not go to this meeting tomorrow to meet the organiser, he will either
1st: faint when he saw how short i am
2nd: wake up and faint again when he saw how 'beautiful' i am
but! he haven't seen me posing yet. imma great hooks on that!
what i have in mind to wear on that day will be this year trend,
a bright blazing red dress with a long rear end and a short front with white pumps.
for photos, you must wear bright colour clothing so that you don't let all the background swallow you up like a moth.


tadaa!!! our group for performance! credits to Jesslyn for the photos~
most of them become my classmates ^^
i really miss those moment where we enjoy arguing at each other, shouting, shaking heads, and even try banging our heads on the wall..
totally frusrating but FUN
can you spot me? ANN TAN??
i find there's a classmate who keep asking me weird question
Do you know who (singer's name) and ask me to sing all the songs.
and then ask me all sorts of survey question @.@ which i think i enjoyed answering.
are you racist?
can you accept multiracial marriage?
do you wanna have kids?
and he never bothered answering all of it himself.
and he even jot down all kind of brand names. i got a shock, you? ? as a boy, know what the hell is Prada, Dolce & Gabanna , Hermes, etc..
nah, he's just learning how to pronounce all those name
i went through his test like a pro..
AHAHAH, i fail on the D&G..

all sorts of classmates in my class^^
i hope we all LOVE each other like brothers and sisters..
cha mou men, i wish you all were here too~



  1. You're right^^
    Even i received several offer from colleges i also felt a bit berat to leave pre u-1 omega^
    a question from me too!~
    did u wear lens for the first three photos?
    you look awesome!

  2. Esther: NAH, i dont wear contact lenses..i have phobia putting something in my eye.~ my eyes look bigger just because i wore fake lashes >w<!! XD

  3. Daniel Chow~ the ultimate stalker in my blog ^^ good, keep viewing ! thanks!


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