Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please do not judge me

Class at Kolej is soooo dead boring man! haha, but it was total fun as we sit around each other and chat until there was nothing else better to talk about.
Just yesterday we were playing Truth or Dare to get to know each other well and it was a total laugh and well, it become boring again after sometime

sometimes i feel that i'm too sensitive and worries if they will like me or not.
I'm afraid they would dislike me, i just don't like people talking behind my back, if you had a problem with me can you just tell me right infront of my face so that i can change whatever it is to make everybody happy.
since we're going to be classmates, i hope everybody would love each other ^^
Please do not judge me. ^^
i like to dress up, play with make up , make me look presentable, that doesnt mean i'm (=.=)"
i think there's nothing wrong with making up go school, or anywhere, it's just to make you look confident and happy.  why judge people right?
people with big boobs get talk often by people wondering if its real or fake.
People who are ambitious and think great of themselves get talk as being arrogant
people who dresses sexily and camwhore all the time get talk as being a bitch?i think she's only trying to feel great about herself.
so why judge?
why judge when you can easily see yourself in the mirror?

i think i look real ugly without eyebrows=='' but i don't want thick eyebrows too, its just look like a bush (my sis always said so, my eyebrow look like a forest==)
but i do not have time to have it trim..and using the tweezer hurts.
but anyway, i'm just waiting to grow up so that i can dye my hair brown, and had a pair of brown eyebrows ^^
a potrait~
so anyway, tomorrow i'll be going to school again. then it will be the start of a two weeks holiday~ WOO!!!
during the holiday, i would be able to know the result of whether i'm going to UPM or the teacher training thingy..
and if the answer is positive, i won't be going back to school anymore..
so tomorrow will or maybe not be my last day of school?
*nails biting*


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