Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the journey to Penang

 tralalala, my face look soooo sad )))):

ok, so i went to penang feeling happy, i finally get to go shopping. i have mental notes on what i want to buy, which shop i wanna go, and blah and blah and blah.
and i ended up buying stuff that i really think that it's not that vital for me to use for the moment ==''
i ended up spending Rm400 in two days..ahahaha, last month's pay all GONE

 They sayy if you wanna keep your girlfriend from shopping, HOLD HER HAND!
but you can't hold mine larh, i can even shop with no hands, i just use my mouth
"hey, can i have that pink sweet pants please?"
"can i have that pancake please? yar, and would you be kind enough to feed me too?"

girls and shopping cannot be seperated.Nope, NEVER..

ahahaha, i'm wearing that hot red lipstick..

so we went to Gurney first~~~~for the first time, mum let me shop alone coz she's always in the department store while i'm itching to go to the outside shops.
what is there to see in Parkson ==''
anyway, i think i will blog in another update about my whole shopping spree

 i'm totally BROKE!!!
yar, just one update before, i told you guys that i'm loaded..
and oh yeah, i went to F.O.S just for fun even though i know
they say F.O.S is (Full Of Shit)
i bought a ribbon hairband and went to the counter.
there was this cacausian lady getting mad over the cashier

"I do not need to sign anything, i've already had my pin number in my credit card"
the malay guy look blankly at her
"Oh for god's sake!!!" she yelled
i was beside her watching it like a soap drama..
so she grab the paper, sign it and threw it back to his face.
poor guy..~

So after Gurney, mum drove all the way to Queensbay~
i shop alone again XDDDD
it feel sooo free to shop alone, coz you don't have to worry if someone is waiting impatiently for you.
so we went home in a hurry to reach home in time for my piano lesson
then right after piano, i had to rush go Smiles Yoghurt to meet up with the dudes~

more updates coming up~~


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