Saturday, June 2, 2012

those days when i sit back here and cry

Every words that i read
every cut form in my heart
how i wish it was meant for me
but every words were for her

it was nothing but a faint cry at my heart
nothing i can do but to feel betrayed
it was definetly something written out from you
even though you said it was nothing

maybe you waren't that mature in love
maybe you don't care how i feel
maybe you think i'm too in love with you
that whatever shit you spill
i was able to clean it up for you

you are wrong, so wrong, my dear
you don't get true love from me
if you don't appreciate it.
you don't deserve it

hurts and cuts had grow numb inside me
i went through it before thousands and millions of time
i wish i was immune to it,
but it always fail, just like it is, now

your reasons, your explanation all seem so fragile
in my heart how i wish you would tell me something solid
but all you do was to break my heart even deeper

enough is enough
i make you regret someday
i promise,
i only give true love
to those who deserves it.
and right now,
i think you are NOT the one


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