Saturday, May 5, 2012

The girl with the spectacles 阿宝色


lol. my blouse is atcually yellowish green, and i tried this colour effect which everyone is having a trend long time ago >w<
woots! now i have orange lips like evryone!

 okay, so i've already start tuition two days ago which is THURSDAY!
i was late (the last one who came in) and make myself embarassed as i have to climb into a heaps of chairs to sit
dang, and i was alone too. i look around those 70 pairs of eyes,
non of them belong to my old school

 so my fringe had grown! finally ! to the length that i want but it's still choppy and i do not want to trim it anymore incase it will be SHORT again
*close eyes*
aarghhH!!! that reminds me, i must do something to my hair before school reopens.

 getiing ready to tuition outfit ==''
yar, i don't often wear my spec because the optician make the power too high for me to put on.

 you know what happen at work today?
as usual i teach, i enjoy teaching those that is hardworking and willing to learn, not to mention those fast learner too. But there came a girl whom (i shall not mention who) had a whole week to practice, and she came playing like she had just started learning how to play.
REALLY LAZY! and not OBSERVANT! NOT FOCUSSING! AND when i teach, please GOD DAMN listen...

goodness, if this was my violin teacher, he would have kick her outside the room and ask her to stay back until midnight until she's perfect!
but the thing is, if you play a song finish, PLAY IT AGAIN! don't wait for me to order you, because i GOD DAMN knw it's not perfect! so PLAY IT AGAIN!!

 i'm not here to talk bad about anything or what. I'm just so pissed off over LAZY students. If i am given the chance, i would tell each and every student to LISTEN what they atcually play. Beecaussee this particular student play EVERY SINGLE note WRONGLY. i mean how can you not KNOW the melody of OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM?? of course you must know how it sounds like, and what you're playing sounds like OLD MACDONALD HAD A PIG!


okay ,maybe i'm evil to be trashing her in here, it's just that BE HARDWORKING ! GO BACK AND PRACTICE! DUDE, your parents pay money for you to learn something and not to learn the whole same thing over and over again each week!

okay, i've already ooze a lot of blood this afternoon. if you don't like to play violin, don't learn! i'm only here to teach those that are willing to learn.
don't waste your parent's money and waste your time


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